tcrexitfi 460x270 - Crossrail: Tottenham Court Road

On this very last day of 2018 we should have now had three weeks of Elizabeth Line services. We didn’t get that. Tomorrow is the year 2019 and no-one knows if the new line will be open in this next year or so. This is just a special post toRead More →

IMG 1376fi 460x270 - Crossrail - the failed prophecies

This weekend should have seen a big transport day for London to celebrate. A new rail line in operation from Paddington to Abbey Wood. And any prospect of this new railway opening will not happen for perhaps a year maybe more.  The great foretold was finally revealed to London onRead More →

IMG 1355fi 460x270 - Crossrail - Out of time & seriously off budget!

As most of us will know by now, Crossrail wont open for yet another year, possibly more. Its now being said November 2019 is what we should be looking at. Anyhow the Crossrail delays came as a shock to most who had not been keeping track of what was goingRead More →

DSC 0901headlinefi 460x270 - Crossrail delayed by a year!

Crossrail is f**cked according to the news today. Well it isnt actually as such, but its been delayed quite severely and probably wont open until the autumn of next year. I picked up the first copies of the Evening Standard today straight after a meeting in Central London and soRead More →

DSC 0760fi 460x270 - The Elizabeth Line's accessibility shambles!

Many people have been giving Crossrail, aka the Elizabeth Line, huge plaudits for its accessibility. But according to a recent report which has been drawn up by RAIL, it isn’t exactly a standard that complies with the national requirements. The Elizabeth Line has wonderful new trains and platforms but consistencyRead More →

CC89203 3323609 460x270 - The Elizabeth Line touts its first closures!

In true British railway fashion, the new Elizabeth Line is destined to suffer the same ignominy as all of Britain’s other railway lines. Come December 2018 the new railway opens with fanfare… and then almost immediately it closes! Is this the Elizabeth Line’s first practice run at bustitution? Crossrail’s notRead More →

cl lgo 460x270 - Crossrail misses off the Central Line!

Crossrail’s very badly missed off the Central Line on their station line diagrams and there’s just no excuse for it! Here’s the background – yesterday I had just finished my Farringdon Crossrail extra and published it, when in a mater of a short time I started seeing tweets on theRead More →

IMG 0046fi 460x270 - Crossrail extra - Farringdon East

The news that the Barbican side of the Farringdon Crossrail development was finally receiving its new windows came as I had published my previous post, Crossrail – Six months to go! Unfortunately very few pictures of this latest development have been published and none I could embed into that post.Read More →

SAM 6040fi 460x270 - Crossrail - six months to go!

A post looking at Crossrail six months ahead of its opening on 9th December 2018. Though the 18th has also been given as an opening date recent tweets appear to confirm its the 9th. That date has always seemed more likely one as it falls on a Sunday, which meansRead More →

DSC 0003fi 460x270 - London's new Berlin Wall?

A homage to the old wall that divided Berlin? The sense of being shut off from the other side. Pink trying to escape… Indeed there’s a whole music album on these types of walls, a guy named Waters telling everyone how walls divide communities and are best torn down… TheRead More →