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tulipfi 460x270 - A nip in the bud?

The controversial 305m Tulip Tower was approved by by the City of London Planning and Transportation Committee held in London’s Guildhall yesterday – with 18 votes for and 7 against. The next stage is to see whether The Mayor approves it too. He has approved some rather objectionable buildings soRead More →

IMG 0171fi 460x270 - Up on the rooftops - again

Yep! Three times in a week. It’s not as much as some others who have been doing the same as I have. This is the task of chasing the proverbial magical ark of photographs on the rooftop of 120 Fenchurch Street. More people are finding it a place where seriousRead More →

IMG 9936fi 460x270 - City Spires & Towers #9

In the previous City Spires & Towers post seven months ago, we had a look around Aldgate, Bishopsgate and the Undershaft. Once again we are in that area and this time its all about a new building that has just opened to the public. Yes its 120 Fenchurch Street andRead More →

DSC 4633xfi 460x270 - 120 Fenchurch Street

This is London’s newest vantage point! Its been open on an ad hoc basis since the summer of 2018 to local workers and organisations, and the original plans were for it to open in the late summer of 2018. Things got a bit delayed and Valentine’s Day 2019 was theRead More →

IMG 8138fi 460x270 - Let's talk about Twenty Two

London’s tall buildings are often a talking point and the Shard has held that place for quite a bit of time. Now its the turn of number 22 Bishopsgate near Liverpool Street station. Its a huge, huge building, and so we need to talk about this, the second tallest buildingRead More →

DSC 6415fi 460x270 - City Spires & Towers #8

A couple of revisits in this year’s first posting of City Spires & Towers. The biggest change is perhaps 22 and 100 Bishopsgate which more than a year ago were still mostly concrete skeletons with far less height than now. The enormous changes on Bishopsgate has invariably changed the areaRead More →

IMG 5203fi 460x270 - Woolwich ferry's last trip to town?

Saturday the 8th came and went – it was also the last ever day the Woolwich ferry’s MV James Newman came and went from the city too. This time next year there will be two new ferries, Dame Vera Lynn and Ben Wollacott. One of these (the latter I wouldRead More →

IMG 4668fi 460x270 - St Augustine's Tower EC4

St Augustine’s church, on the east side of St Paul’s Cathedral, is one of several city churches whose tower is the sole remnant. Its proximity shows just how close the Luftwaffe came to destroying the cathedral in the 1940s. An excellent book I found dumped in a bin about fifteenRead More →

SAM 6207fi 460x270 - Christ's Hospital Sculpture

Christ’s Hospital was a noted school on Newgate in the City of London and known for its bluecoats. It was established in 1552 and three hundred and fifty years later, in 1902 it moved to the country near Horsham, where a village and a railway station of the same nameRead More →

IMG 4838fi 460x270 - City Spires & Towers #7

The last City Spires and Towers post was published in June 2017. The next has been largely done, however in the meantime here’s one with a focus on some of the City’s churches at night time. There is no particular order or grouping of the churches as there has beenRead More →

DSC 6586 460x270 - City Spires & Towers #6

The future skies…. The Scapel’s name says it all. The one that cuts the skies up…. Those once thought the tops reflected in the windows of the new conquistadors. The spires of old were meant to solve our problems by way of meeting the human minds with the skies, whereRead More →

NIK 7367 460x270 - City Spires & Towers #5

A City Spires & Towers post with a difference! These are tweets from noted aerial photographer Jason Hawkes, and illustrate the City’s situation with regards to both its churches and the many new skyscrapers. The tweets are from the past half year or so, the earliest ones first. Just toRead More →

DSC 0211 460x270 - City Spires and Towers #4

Looking NW across St Helen’s to the ever growing forest of skyscrapers. The first of these was Tower 42 at left.St Helen’s Bishopsgate is located in Great St Helens right next to The Undershaft, the City’s premier spot for skyscrapers – with more new builds rising by the minute. TheRead More →

DSC 0440 460x270 - The new Tate Modern - Roof views

The new Tate Modern extension opened on 17th June 2016 and the view from the 10th floor of its Switch House are excellent, one of the best vantage points in London! I visited the viewing platform in the evening of 19 June however the viewing conditions were fair to poor.Read More →

MG 2460.1 460x270 - St Paul's

The other day I had a chance to visit the rooftop terrace at New Change, near St Paul’s cathedral. What a great view of London! London has many new viewpoints, previously the Golden Gallery at St Paul’s was one of the city’s few vantage points. Its still one of the bestRead More →

IMG 72491 460x270 - Tower poppies & bridge at night

Made a second visit to the poppies at the Tower of London! So many less people about so was able to see the entire display this time. Here are some shots from last night… The bottom shot is Tower Bridge.Read More →

IMG 4407 460x270 - Tower at night

The famous poppy filled moat at the Tower of London will soon be no more. There were so many people it wasnt possible to see the better parts of the poppy display! However my visit gave an opportunity for some night photographs of the Tower 🙂 The two skyscrapers visibleRead More →