IMG 8419 460x270 - Fire Garden at the Tate Modern

Fire Garden by Compagnie Carabosse turned the front of Tate Modern into a “crackling and spitting, after-dark adventure”. It was a fantastic experience to wander among burning metal sculptures, candles, spinning hearths, and flickering flowerpots. I really enjoyed the spectacle. St. Paul’s Cathedral with its burning dome and IK JoongRead More →

IMG 7155 460x270 - Boats on the Thames 2

Boats on the Thames plus Millennium bridge with City seen from beneath Blackfriars rail bridge. Tug Recovery tows empty refuse barges past Southwark bridge en route to Wandsworth. Recovery and its commercial cargo heading westwards at Blackfriars bridge. Dutch barge (not the botter type) by the Millennium bridge on a downstream run. Tug GPS AngliaRead More →

IMG 7182 460x270 - Boats on the Thames 1

The new Tate Modern extension’s viewing galleries gives great views of the River Thames between Southwark and Blackfriars bridge. Although it’s just a short section of waterway there is a lot of activity going on plus the City of London and St Paul’s Cathedral make great backdrops. The pictures were taken inRead More →

IMG 7268 460x270 - London icons at St John's Wood Tube

Harold Stabler designed these tiles which were made by Carter’s of Poole. These were for the new tube stations built by the London Passenger Transport Board from 1933 onwards and which included St John’s Wood, Swiss Cottage towards Stanmore, and from Bethnal Green towards Wanstead, Redbridge, Gants Hill, The Leytons,Read More →

IMG 0791 460x270 - Westminster night

A quick post today. Before attending UK disability history month launch this week I took some pics in nearby Parliament Square by Westminster Abbey.Read More →