DSC 0393fi 460x270 - The Grand Surrey Canal #2

In the first instalment of this two part series, I looked at Oxestalls Road bridge, the Timberyard development and Blackhorse bridge, plus the wharves in between and the canal towards Trundleys Road. This second post covers the section north from Oxestalls Road bridge towards Greenland Dock. As previously mentioned OxestallsRead More →

DSC 0268fi 460x270 - The Grand Surrey Canal #1

The Grand Surrey Canal is South London’s lost waterway. It stretched from the docks down towards Deptford, then towards Old Kent Road and Camberwell, with branches to New Cross (originally part of the Croydon Canal) and Peckham. It was built in 1801, the engineers initially being Ralph Dodd, with hisRead More →

DSC 0157 460x270 - Flotilla at Paddington

The art installation known as Flotilla will be around for about three or so weeks at the Floating Pocket Park in Paddington Basin. These pictures were taken on the first night when the new display was switched on for the first time, this being 15 March 2018. The boats areRead More →

IMG 4029 460x270 - Divers at Floating Pocket Park

General view of the Floating Park Saturday 29 April 2017 Sign warning of divers at work! Divers were at the Floating Pocket Park this weekend, on what is clearly a difficult job. Getting the modular pontoon floats in position ready to be pulled underwater. Their task is to place moreRead More →

DSC 0978 460x270 - Floating Pocket Park progress

Several days ago I wrote of the Floating Park in Paddington – that there seemed to be some issues with the pontoons & weight mass which was causing everything to go uneven. I revisited the basin this evening and it seems some of the problems have been sorted although barelyRead More →

DSC 0326 460x270 - A floating mess at Paddington?

General view of the uncompleted floating gardens looking towards Edgware Road. In September last year plans were announced for London’s first Floating Gardens to be based on the canal in Paddington right by where the basin meets Edgware Road. Have you heard about the plans for a floating garden onRead More →

whitehallrly 460x270 - More pneumatic railway proposals in London

Following my posts on the Hyde Park Pneumatic (the ‘sewer railway’) and the Beach Transit Subways, this is a further look at attempts to build subterranean pneumatic railways in London – and we cover a number of obscure schemes including the Victoria Station & Thames Embankment and the Oxford Street & City Railways.Read More →

IMG 8025 383x270 - Little Venice at night pics

Thanks to the recent Paddington 2 filming, I enjoyed doing fair a bit of night photography around Little Venice. Much of this was focused on the filming and film set however I also made a point of focusing on the canal and pool area, it looked so incredibly pretty all litRead More →

Londonist published a feature (8 August 2016) extolling the virtues of Paddington, including trains, bears, and canals – exactly what one expects to find in the area! 😉 It mentions Paddington Basin as a branch of the Regent’s Canal…. Many would say that’s a mistake as it’s a branch offRead More →

Canal & River Trust’s banner strung on the nothern side of the famous Little Venice pool proclaims: So Little Venice happens to be on the ‘Grand Union Canal’ only? The Regent’s isnt even mentioned! Let’s consider some facts.One: Little Venice would have never existed if the Regent’s Canal had notRead More →

IMG 7574 460x270 - King's Cross - for Regents Park?

King’s Cross – alight here for Regent’s Park? The ‘Park’ can be just seen underneath the Canal stickers That is what someone had in mind when they designed the new King’s Cross tube station signs! Despite this work being completed in 2009 I never noticed this until I took a close look atRead More →

IMG 0330 460x270 - A Tyburn myth demolished!

Charlbert Street bridge across the Regent’s Canal is designed as such for both aesthetic and practical purposes. Its gracious curves belie the fact it was originally designed to accomodate the course of the Tyburn river (as a bricked in underground course) and it means that the Tyburn itself approaches theRead More →

IMG 2786 460x270 - Paddington trilogy #3 Stones

The unadopted (eg private) road that’s part of the Jubilee Greenway leading from South Wharf Road to the canal basin at Paddington is lined by huge stone blocks on either side and whose origin have been debated from time to time. Each stone has two holes which were used toRead More →

IMG 9476 460x270 - Central London's unique power stations

London architects Peach & Reilly created of some of London’s most iconic industrial buildings, including several exquisite electricity generating stations. Charles Stanley Peach, who was originally from Scotland, created designs as a combination of practical plus beauty. Many thought his structures far too elaborate for the heavy work they hadRead More →

camden 460x270 - Hampstead Ponds vs the Paddington Arm

A curious title you might think, ‘Hampstead Ponds vs the Paddington Arm.’ What on earth do they have to do with each other? They’re not even related! At first sight the choice of topic might seem a little strange, however its related to the furore surrounding the Hampstead Ponds damRead More →

No, Paddington Bear is certainly NOT going through a bad phase. This is about the real Paddington, that ‘depressing,’ ‘lifeless’ place developers such as Renzo Piano claim needs livening up. Fact #1 Paddington once had a lively town centre, with shops, cinemas, restuarants, and a famous theatre. Fact #2 TheRead More →

IMG 1043 460x270 - Escargot & Moonstone

Two unusual boats by the name of Escargot and Moonstone! The first is a pedal powered cruiser. The style of hull, being square shaped, clearly shows it is a different kind of boat! I saw it on the approach to Little Venice the other day. Some other boaters tell meRead More →

IMG 4085 460x270 - New Paddington Bear trail!

Just when everyone thought the euphoria of 2014’s Paddington Bear trail had died down, a new trail is now up and running in London! This is the Pawprint Trail and once again the famous Paddington Bears seen last year (at least four of them) are placed in London’s streets and parksRead More →