DSC 6445 460x270 - City Spires and Towers #3

In this third installment of the series, we look at four churches within a few hundred yards of each other. They are St Magus, St Mary’s, St Margaret’s and St Dunstan’s. These churches have some of the most varied, and compromised, environments within such a small area. St Magus theRead More →

DSC 0898 460x270 - City Spires and Towers #2

In the first post of this series I looked at All Hallows-by-the-Tower. We revisit this church but this time from a different perspective along the Thames river front. This gives us a different story altogether. All Hallows, St Dunstan’s, St Magnus the Martyr and St Margaret Pattens are this week’s subjects.Read More →

IMG 0719 460x270 - Lennox Gardens Mews

A pretty scene in Lennox Gardens Mews, SW1, earlier this year. Lennox Gardens Mews is a part of the expanded Hans Town area sited between Knightsbridge and Chelsea. Hans Town itself was named after Sir Hans Sloane who bought the manor of Chelsea from William Lord Cheyne in 1712. TheRead More →

IMG 0939 460x270 - Boats on the Thames 3

Two lots of Thames freight workings within a minute or so. Both workings passed each other beneath Hungerford Bridge which left me barely any time to prepare the shots – fortunately I was using a ultra wide angle lensRead More →

DSC 5392 460x270 - Aftermath 23/03/2017

Scenes from today including Westminster Bridge and police processions in memory of the victims of yesterday’s atrocities that took place around the bridge and within Parliament’s precincts. One ceremony at Scotland Yard in memory of their fallen colleague, participants from the officer’s At one point Jeremy Corbyn attended the WestminsterRead More →

DSC 3096 460x270 - Peter Blake in Knightsbridge

Our Fans by Peter Blake, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Knightsbridge Green. Blake’s work seen from the entrance to Knightsbridge tube station The huge collage was launched in mid January 2017. The Mandarin Oriental’s press release says: ‘Our Fans, the largest artwork Sir Peter Blake has ever created, is a collage ofRead More →

IMG 3053 - Secret Sailing Club

Christmas Eve Jubilee (Hungerford) bridge. Established since about 2010,  originally a seven piece band, now usually four or five. On Xmas Eve it was just four (three at the time I arrived as one of the boys took a break see above picture at left). They are local lads fromRead More →

IMG 2109 460x270 - Tower Bridge Stairs

The stairwells in Tower Bridge are almost as they were the day the bridge was built. They range from wide sweeping staircases to narrow spiral staircases as well as straightforward flights of stairs and stone steps. Its quite difficult to capture the staircases’ essence hence an ultra wide angle lensRead More →

IMG 7609x800 460x270 - Swans on the Thames

Its very rare to see swans on the tidal Thames, one is more likely to see ducks. These three swans passed by during the pretty sunset on 2nd November. I almost missed them for they were coming down fast on the outgoing tide. The sunset itself was quite nice but not asRead More →

IMG 8902 460x270 - The Tower right up there!

Another in the ‘Right Up There’ series featuring the Tower of London, the city’s famous castle on the banks of the River Thames. Tower of London is over eleven centuries old, having survived the ravages of time, and its definitely more impressive than any of the modern structures that haveRead More →

title 460x140 - London's proposed sewer railway in Hyde Park!

Victorian London seems to have had an affinity for pneumatic railways. The one at Crystal Palace being the most famous of all, however other noted undertakings were lines proposed beneath the Thames such as the Tower Subway and another from Waterloo to Whitehall, and in Central London such as from South Kensington to theRead More →

IMG 7155 460x270 - Boats on the Thames 2

Boats on the Thames plus Millennium bridge with City seen from beneath Blackfriars rail bridge. Tug Recovery tows empty refuse barges past Southwark bridge en route to Wandsworth. Recovery and its commercial cargo heading westwards at Blackfriars bridge. Dutch barge (not the botter type) by the Millennium bridge on a downstream run. Tug GPS AngliaRead More →

IMG 7182 460x270 - Boats on the Thames 1

The new Tate Modern extension’s viewing galleries gives great views of the River Thames between Southwark and Blackfriars bridge. Although it’s just a short section of waterway there is a lot of activity going on plus the City of London and St Paul’s Cathedral make great backdrops. The pictures were taken inRead More →

DSC 0440 460x270 - The new Tate Modern - Roof views

The new Tate Modern extension opened on 17th June 2016 and the view from the 10th floor of its Switch House are excellent, one of the best vantage points in London! I visited the viewing platform in the evening of 19 June however the viewing conditions were fair to poor.Read More →

IMG 9703 460x270 - Buckingham Palace's Goring bridge

Buckingham Palace is one of London’s tourist hotspots. Millions descend on the area annually to visit the palace. Yet 400 years ago the area was still mainly open land! Just a few country houses existed and St James’s Park had only just begun to be shaped into that which weRead More →

IMG 1318 460x270 - Wonderpass - how it utilises a bit part from 1863

1863 is the year the Metropolitan Railway opened. It consisted of four miles and six through stations. Of these just three were truly underground. Gower Street (Euston Square), Portland Road (Great Portland Street) and the more famous Baker Street. The main entrance was originally at the western end of theRead More →

IMG 9659 460x270 - Paddington Bears by the canal

The Paddington Bears by the canal in…. Paddington, London, W2! All of them! There are quite a number of Paddington Bears around Paddington to commemorate the new Paddington Bear film starring Hugh Bonneville. This features all of the Paddington Bears to be found in Paddington, W2, with a particular focusRead More →

IMG 72491 460x270 - Tower poppies & bridge at night

Made a second visit to the poppies at the Tower of London! So many less people about so was able to see the entire display this time. Here are some shots from last night… The bottom shot is Tower Bridge.Read More →