dwlmcoverfi 460x270 - The Dancing Wu Li Masters

One of the biggest non science works of physics books in my view. On a par, or even better, than Tao of Physics, and even better than the Quantum Society/Self. As you have so not guessed it, this is the 40th anniversary of the famous book – one even physicistsRead More →

DSC 0531fi 460x270 - Don't forget Tom

A quick post today, and one where I picked up a book for free. I suppose it would have been thrown away otherwise. What caught my eye initially wasn’t the subject itself but the publisher, Adams and Charles Black, whom some of you may be aware was a famous bookRead More →

DSC 5058fi 460x270 - Books and a Cavalcade

At the weekend I visited the Canal Cavalcade in Little Venice, here are some of my pictures from the event. Perhaps the best highlight for me was obtaining 20 or so books and leaflets, practically blowing my weekly budget on food. No it wasn’t hundreds of pounds – just £15Read More →

prophecy 1 460x270 - SJ Parris - Book Signing

SJ Parris, author of the Tudor & Stuart based historical fiction thrillers featuring Giordano Bruno, was at the Golden Hinde today for the signing of her latest work, Prophecy. The event also marks the start of CityRead’s month long festival, and thus an Elizabethean flavour for the 2017 event. Here’sRead More →

IMG 8595 460x270 - The Stephen Wiltshire gallery

One of our most famous people with autism is Stephen Wiltshire. Stephen in his shop/gallery earlier this year His recall of fine detail is amazing & his panoramas are a world-celebrated art. Stephen Wiltshire gallery The shop/gallery in Central London is just a short walk from Trafalgar Square. Stephen Wiltshire’sRead More →