bakerloo line

IMG 4752fi 460x270 - Runaway tube trains

Imagine a tube train that somehow finds its own way through tunnels. People may think it never happens but these ‘ghost’ tube trains do happen to be reality and whats more they carry a number passengers, no doubt quite terrified in some instances when their trains does strange things orRead More →

DSC 0329fi 460x270 - Scruffy Bakerloo Line trains

The Bakerloo Line’s trains are dreadful! In recent years the seats on the line were such a source of consternation so many people complained. For a while they seemed nice and clean but no worries what goes up must come down for the Bakerloo once again has scruffy trains! TheRead More →

DSC 0121 460x270 - London's tube stations that began life as a terminus

When one asks which tube stations are true underground termini, Brixton, Walthamstow (both Victoria Line) and Bank, Waterloo (both Waterloo & City Line), Elephant and Castle (Bakerloo Line) plus Heathrow Terminal Five (Piccadilly Line) will most likely come to mind. There were loads more underground tube station termini at oneRead More →

NIK 8659a 460x270 - Edgware Road tube 110th anniversary

On 15 June 2017 the station has been open for 110 years. The 100th anniversary of the Bakerloo (1906) took place in 2006 and Marylebone tube’s station’s 110th was very recent (its very briefly alluded to here). 1908 map showing the extent of the Bakerloo Line (Wikipedia) Edgware Road tubeRead More →

IMG 0220 460x270 - Make love not walls

Diesel’s advertisement feature seen at Oxford Circus tube station March 8 2016 Its been underway for about a month, with major launches at London’s South Bank and during London Fashion Week, finally made its way to Oxford Circus – there’s a simultaneous campaign too on Leicester Square’s escalators. “The firstRead More →

IMG 0065 460x270 - The No Trousers Tube Ride

The annual No Trousers Tube Ride took place on January 8th 2017, led by Dave and Ivan. On the northbound Bakerloo at Piccadilly Circus. All change en route to Oxford Circus! It began at Piccadilly Circus with a trip on the Bakerloo where participants de-trousered for the event. Waiting forRead More →

IMG 0159 460x270 - No Pants Mannequin Kings Cross

Today (8th January) was No Pants Day on London’s tube! It was brought forward due to a tube strike. One of the efforts involved a mannequin challenge at Kings Cross – here are some pictures. Participants posed in a manner akin to people running for trains or pointing at timetables,Read More →

IMG 1472 460x270 - Goodbye Leslie Green, hello Paddington Cube

The future at Paddington without the Leslie Green building (Source: Paddington) Today news is out that Paddington Cube, designed by Renzo Piano, has been given the go ahead. It will soar upon the site of the old mail sorting office. The nearby Bakerloo Line entrance will be relocated and providedRead More →

IMG 8577 460x270 - LU staff readying for the Night Tube!

The night tube begins next month. What better than to have London tube staff wear party hats for the launch of the new overnight tube services? Here’s a sampler of what the staff will be looking like come August 19th 🙂 The previous night I spotted the ‘Night Tube’ train,Read More →

IMG 7777 460x270 - Fantastic LT roundel poster!

TfL has just published a new poster commemorating the evolution of the LT roundel. Seems Marylebone’s southbound platform has the only large sized poster so far on the network. There are smaller versions at other tube stations for the escalators as shown below.Read More →