baker street

IMG 8491fi 460x270 - Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street

This is some guy who’s said to live at a place known as 221b Baker Street. Non-existent obviously but has a huge following and many films, some recent with Robert Downey, a TV series with Benedict Cumberbatch. Sherrinford smokes a pipe, frequently refers to his mate Ormond as ‘Elementary.’ TheRead More →

DSC 0414fi 460x270 - Sherlock Gnomes takes over Baker Street station!

Sherlock Gnomes, a new animated comedy film, has taken over one of the Bakerloo Line platforms at Baker Street. Where before we had silhouettes of Sherlock Holmes, its now Sherlock Gnomes! Years ago there were complaints when the original Sherlock Holmes decor was taken down as it had proved veryRead More →

DSC 0229fi 460x270 - A little brrrit of London

A quick post tonight covering a little bit of London – a sort of zig zag photo tour in the cold and snow (but not always) as night marches on the city. The starting point is the same as two days ago – Little Venice and eventually finishes at PiccadillyRead More →