DSC 0028fi 460x270 - Westminster's Winter Windows

The annual Leicester Square Xmas fayre is on from 9th November to 6th January 2019. This year there is a difference and it entails a series of Xmas art by some of the local schools in Westminster. There are 42 or so of these works dotted about the site, howeverRead More →

IMG 8807fi 460x270 - Colour Transfer at Paddington

This is a new art commission for the Paddington Basin area in the bit officially known as Paddington Central. “Liz West creates vivid environments that mix luminous colour and radiant light. Working across a variety of mediums, West aims to provoke a heightened sensory awareness in the viewer through herRead More →

IMG 3339fi 460x270 - One, two, three, let's swing!

One, Two Three, Swing! That’s the Tate Modern’s latest arts project. I visited it on the first public day of opening. And what fun it is too! Never since the Weather Project has there been reason enough to just lie down and relax, in the process watching a world withRead More →

horsecartII 460x270 - Michelin House Decorative Tile Pictures

This is the follow up to the feature on Michelin House at 81 Fulham Road, South Kensington, showing each of the fascinating art deco tiled pictures in and around the building. These feature mainly Grand Prix and city to city races in France during the late 19th and early 20thRead More →

DSC 4866 460x270 - Michelin House

The classic view of Michelin House in South Kensington. This week the Bibendum restaurant at Michelin House has re-opened so the timing of this post is quite apt. Although I have seen Michelin House featured on blogs and in the media its not often mentioned these days (with the exceptionRead More →

DSC 0772 460x270 - Fujiko Nakaya's London Fog

Following her installation at Pero’s Bridge in Bristol, Fujiko Nakaya has come to London with her famous fog sculptures. Fog sculptor Fujiko Nakaya has a misty moment outside @tatemodern : — Wallpaper* (@wallpapermag) March 26, 2017 Her work is at the Tate for just ten days as partRead More →

DSC 2886 460x270 - Paper Aviary

This new attraction is just a short distance from Piccadilly Circus at St James’ Market – a modern resurrection of the old 17th Century market. Paper Aviary was launched on 15th February 2017 and is sited in the St James Pavilion. #Introducing: the Paper Aviary at #StJamesMarket Pavilion. An exhibitionRead More →

DSC 7031 460x270 - The New Number Two

The new Number two? Its not him, nor him, and not any of the others. Its this! The NEW number two at the Tate Modern. The Tate’s Switch House opened just a few months ago, obviously the number is new! I’ve taken many pics of the Tate’s number two inRead More →

IMG 2959 460x270 - The Queen's Locks

Not her Ma’am’s hairstyle but her Palace’s locks! Few bother to take a really close look at the carefully crafted iron locks dotted around the Palace’s perimeter. Here’s some of the Queen’s exquisite locks… The locks are from the reign of George V – who had the palace’s frontage remodelled between 1910 – 13.Read More →

IMG 5880 460x270 - Unusual substation in Central London!

The Grosvenor Gallery power station by Bond Street, London W1 The Grosvenor Gallery is now at Ryder Street near Green Park. it was set up in 1960 by Eric Estorick. This however this is not the original gallery that was once in Bond Street. This was set up by SirRead More →

IMG 8541 460x270 - The faces of Thelmo Parole

Thelmo Parole is a comedian from Spain, whose performances are brilliant. Thelmo’s performances are certainly some of the best I’ve seen amongst street artistes. Looking at social media its clear many people enjoy his fantastic shows. Here are some pictures of his many expressions taken during the Busk Festival inRead More →

IMG 1996 460x270 - Whitemall Bokeh

I did some experiments with bokeh this afternoon/early evening. Trying to achieve an artistic look. This is perhaps the best of the set! The shot was taken in the Mall looking towards Buckingham Palace as people and cars headed east. The main central figure is a female jogger. The secondRead More →

IMG 1258 460x270 - Covent Garden floats!

Alex Chinneck’s art installation at Covent Garden has made the news this week. Impressed by what I had read, I went and took some pictures today. The artwork is called ‘Take my lightning but don’t steal my thunder’ and can be seen in London’s Covent Garden most of this monthRead More →

IMG 0534 460x270 - Paddington Art Deco

The 1930’s Great Western Railway art deco block, Paddington Station, London On the right is part of the roof covering Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s trainshed.Read More →

IMG 8595 460x270 - The Stephen Wiltshire gallery

One of our most famous people with autism is Stephen Wiltshire. Stephen in his shop/gallery earlier this year His recall of fine detail is amazing & his panoramas are a world-celebrated art. Stephen Wiltshire gallery The shop/gallery in Central London is just a short walk from Trafalgar Square. Stephen Wiltshire’sRead More →

IMG 8087 460x270 - The Saint Pancras (Matilda) Fountain

Matilda the milkmaid This sculpture must be the Regent’s Park Arts Frieze most unknown contribution! Ignored by hordes of Frieze art lovers passing by, it was only being noticed when people spotted me taking photographs….. Please, I’m thirsty, filthy, no-one loves me… In 1878 Joseph Durham sculpted this bronze milkmaid.Read More →

d300 460x270 - A photography myth exposed

Flash photography is not permitted in many museums and art galleries. The main reason? Flash lighting damages works of art. I always thought this to be absolutely true. Seems it’s actually a fallacy that many public galleries have adopted with a strong belief. Flash does not damage art works. TheRead More →