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newperpspectfi 460x270 - New Reverspectives

Patrick Hughes’ reverspective is an iconic genre of art that has been around a very long time, over fifty years in fact. His first ‘reverspective’ was made in 1964! Perhaps the most enduring example of Hughes’ work that would come to peoples’ minds is Paradoxymoron in the British Library. LastRead More →

IMG 7231 460x270 - Two of London's buskers - with a touch of pink

Two of London’s buskers an hour and three quarters apart on the same afternoon. First is Charlotte Campbell (whom I’ve featured before) the light was great and made her pink coat look really nice. Charlotte Campbell by the London Eye at 15.11pm, 18 January 2017. Next is The Hod. IRead More →

IMG 8966 460x270 - Trafalgar Square at 2am

This is a postcard view taken in St. Martin’s Place one night at 2am during the early part of the 20th century. There is quite a bit of mystery to the picture, taken on a foggy night near Trafalgar Square. Who is the man on the left? Was he talking to theRead More →

IMG 8595 460x270 - The Stephen Wiltshire gallery

One of our most famous people with autism is Stephen Wiltshire. Stephen in his shop/gallery earlier this year His recall of fine detail is amazing & his panoramas are a world-celebrated art. Stephen Wiltshire gallery The shop/gallery in Central London is just a short walk from Trafalgar Square. Stephen Wiltshire’sRead More →

IMG 6661 460x270 - Serpentine Sackler preview

Pictures from a visit to the Serpentine Sackler Gallery yesterday (26 Sept) The gallery officially opens to the public tomorrow (Saturday 28th September)Graceful curves of new roof over the cafe, designed by Zaha HadidInterior of cafe/restaurant/secondary exhibition area – designed by Zaha Hadid The galleries themselves have become the art installation,Read More →

IMG 6662 460x270 - That new gallery across London's 'river'

I took a walk through Hyde Park today past the new Serpentine Sackler Gallery to take sum pics. This is the gallery that will be found across the ‘river,’ on the other side of the Serpentine bridge, from the main gallery. The ‘Serpentine River’ was of course discussed in theRead More →

IMG 8777 460x270 - Did someone actually mention the 'Serpentine River?'

The Serpentine River in London’s Hyde Park? There’s just no such thing in Hyde Park! How dare someone make any claims that there’s a ‘river’ in Hyde Park? Well, actually its very BRAVE these days for someone to mention things like rivers in Hyde Park! In tonight’s The London Standard‘s SusannahRead More →

rockinghorse 460x270 - London's 'British Lion' 1909/2012

Summer of 2012 – I was asked to do a brief project as a homage to a photographer. After some thought I choose Alvin Langdon Coburn and his iconic London at the turn-of-century pictures, particularly those of Trafalgar Square. Coburn’s “British Lion” London Aspie’s 2012 version Who was Coburn? Wikipedia says: “Alvin LangdonRead More →