DSC 0928xxfi 460x270 - Regent Street Disease

Zombies Dawn of the Dead. Horrific crowds of probably quite dead people. Bloodied, tattered, dazed, wandering about up and down London’s Regent Street as some mysterious disease suddenly afflicts everybody? No its not that sort of horror neither is it an affliction that affects pigeons or other animals. Regent StreetRead More →

DSC 6435 460x270 - City Spires and Towers #1

A new occasional series looking at the City of London’s classic spires and how most are now dwarfed by skyscrapers. The ultimate aim of this project is to find spires that are not dwarfed by towers. There are hardly any! Those that have not been previously affected are finding newRead More →

DSC 1864 460x270 - Wet Glass #3

Following the popular ‘Wet Glass’ (Oct  2015) and Wet Glass #2 (Jan 2016) here’s some more wet glass! This time its variations on a theme 🙂Read More →

IMG 6844 460x270 - 64, 65 & 67 New Bond Street

The entire elevation to 64-70 New Bond Street. Source: Great Portland Estates 65 & 67 New Bond Street (in fact the entire block nos 65-72) has been razed to the ground. The block’s original facade will apparently be restored after Crossrail is finished. 67 New Bond Street. Source: Google IRead More →

IMG 2109 460x270 - Tower Bridge Stairs

The stairwells in Tower Bridge are almost as they were the day the bridge was built. They range from wide sweeping staircases to narrow spiral staircases as well as straightforward flights of stairs and stone steps. Its quite difficult to capture the staircases’ essence hence an ultra wide angle lensRead More →

IMG 2459 427x270 - The Telecom Tower

A quick post – today I took a picture of the Telecom Tower looking straight up. Again there were interesting clouds (as featured in my other Telecom Tower posts) plus a fresh contrail.Read More →

IMG 9938 460x270 - Wet Glass #2

My post entitled ‘Wet Glass’ (autumn of 2015) was popular so here’s some more wet glass! These pictures were taken January 2nd 2016.Read More →

IMG 9718 409x270 - Wet glass

A glassy bit of window at St Pancras during a recent spell of heavy rain 🙂Read More →