19th century

IMG 6596 460x270 - Bayswater's 1861 Tram

George Francis Train was an American who introduced tramways (streetcars) in the States. In 1860 he came over to England to introduce his tramways which had been running in the USA for three decades. Train opened his first line at Birkenhead in 1860, followed by three short lines in LondonRead More →

IMG 2109 460x270 - Tower Bridge Stairs

The stairwells in Tower Bridge are almost as they were the day the bridge was built. They range from wide sweeping staircases to narrow spiral staircases as well as straightforward flights of stairs and stone steps. Its quite difficult to capture the staircases’ essence hence an ultra wide angle lensRead More →

IMG 5408 460x270 - Fowler's Ghost

Fowler’s Ghost was a 2-4-0 broad gauge locomotive designed for the Metropolitan Railway by Sir John Fowler. The engine made just one test run through Edgware Road station in 1862 and was a failure. The Marylebone flyover approach shown below is the exact spot where the Ghost stood. Behind the wall is Edgware Road station. The A40 was built across theRead More →

IMG 0302 460x270 - Mount Row, Mayfair

Mount Row in London’s Mayfair, near Berkeley Square, features some unusual houses built with red brickwork. One in particular is a Tudor style town house featuring carved woodwork. Frederick Etchells was the designer and these properties were built by T. Downer between 1929 and 1931. No 8, the Tudor style property, isRead More →

IMG 7180 460x270 - Monet's 1871 Hyde Park painting location

Monet’s London Hyde Park painting of January 1871 – experts claim the location cannot be ascertained accurately due to artistic licence and a fair amount of alteration made post-production in his studio. It is agreed the view looks towards Lancaster Gate, however the foreground is said to be of aRead More →

IMG 7571 460x270 - The London Volunteer Cavalry in Hyde Park, 1804

A Hyde Park mystery! ‘A Review of the London Volunteer Cavalry and Flying Artillery in Hyde Park 1804,’ by unknown, (image at Wikipedia) is of great interest as it does not show a park that’s recognisable today. The 1804 location is sited above the Titchbourne valley at what is nowRead More →

IMG 8777 460x270 - Did someone actually mention the 'Serpentine River?'

The Serpentine River in London’s Hyde Park? There’s just no such thing in Hyde Park! How dare someone make any claims that there’s a ‘river’ in Hyde Park? Well, actually its very BRAVE these days for someone to mention things like rivers in Hyde Park! In tonight’s The London Standard‘s SusannahRead More →