IMG 6893 460x270 - The King's Cross station festivals

King’s Cross station – complete with helter skelter! King’s Cross station & Granary Square hosted a two day event on 28-29 Sept. A couple of days before, the new square fronting the main line station had opened. Possibly for the first time in more than a century, the station hostedRead More →

tumblr m5vt5c7n6G1rp9syo 460x270 - Autism photographers round-up (2)

A look at photographers who have autism/asperger’s. This follows on from my previous blog covering both autistic and asperger photographers.James Price’s Sexy Backs for Autism Project Perhaps the most famous asperger photographer (at least in the southern hemisphere) is James Price, a fashion photographer. Previously of New Zealand, he hasRead More →

IMG 6661 460x270 - Serpentine Sackler preview

Pictures from a visit to the Serpentine Sackler Gallery yesterday (26 Sept) The gallery officially opens to the public tomorrow (Saturday 28th September)Graceful curves of new roof over the cafe, designed by Zaha HadidInterior of cafe/restaurant/secondary exhibition area – designed by Zaha Hadid The galleries themselves have become the art installation,Read More →

lartique1 460x270 - A wheely distorted photograph's 100th anniversary

The 100th anniversary of a famous photographer’s work is seriously overlooked…. In 1913 Jacques Henri Lartique (1894-1986) photographed the Automobile Club de France’s Grand Prix at Amiens. One race car in particular speeded past and the effect was such that the rear wheels were distorted, whilst the spectactors on the oppositeRead More →

IMG 6662 460x270 - That new gallery across London's 'river'

I took a walk through Hyde Park today past the new Serpentine Sackler Gallery to take sum pics. This is the gallery that will be found across the ‘river,’ on the other side of the Serpentine bridge, from the main gallery. The ‘Serpentine River’ was of course discussed in theRead More →

IMG 8777 460x270 - Did someone actually mention the 'Serpentine River?'

The Serpentine River in London’s Hyde Park? There’s just no such thing in Hyde Park! How dare someone make any claims that there’s a ‘river’ in Hyde Park? Well, actually its very BRAVE these days for someone to mention things like rivers in Hyde Park! In tonight’s The London Standard‘s SusannahRead More →

DSC01883 460x270 - Shoreditch Portraiture Project (Part 2)

Brick Lane is divided into three areas – being the market in the north part, co-operative cafes/drinks/food in the middle & Indian/Bangladeshi Restaurants to the south. A truly cosmopolitan area with charm and cultural diversity. Petticoat Lane: Whilst most images were from Brick Lane, some work was done at ColumbiaRead More →

d300n 460x270 - Autism art photography

A brief look at images from the world of autism. Hsiang Hsun (Sonic) Wu  (Taiwan) Christine Rogers (California) hannahbanana1026 (Callifornia) alphastate (Australlia) Alpha State is a creative branding agency committed to delivering strategically sound creative solutions across all forms of advertising and design. They have created a largeRead More →

shoreditch 460x270 - Shoreditch Portraiture Project (Part 1)

This is the first part of a series documenting a streets portraiture project which led to a book and an exhibition at the now-closed Spitz Gallery near Liverpool Street. Tony, Gerald & Nicola in Brick Lane The Streets Portraiture – or ‘Shoreditch Project’ – was begun by Tony, Gerald & Nicola, who were studying for a BARead More →

Luna TMG 460x270 - Autism photographers round-up (1)

A look at photographers who have ASD’s (autism or asperger’s) following on from my lengthy interview with Patrick Welch some months ago. First is SallyM_1976 – loads of lovely pictures of iconic British steam railways. Not just for steam buffs though, she has lots of other pictures including wildlife. Here’s oneRead More →