wbullock - Wynn Bullock - and existentialist photography

Bullock was an American photographer of the 50’s and 60’s whose work was based on physics and philosophy.       As a fellow ‘existentialist photographer’ – well sort of! I havent reached the level of excellence expected from such a type of photographer yet – I found Bullock’s work absolutelyRead More →

bucketbr 460x270 - The Bucket Bridge, 2012

Three months ago I blogged re the British Post Office photography exhibition. One image I liked in particular was of a postman on the Findhorn Bucket Bridge. I found this strange contraption is still in use today, albeit much modified. Bucket Bridge on You TubeRead More →

hampton2012 460x270 - Wiggo (with a bit of 'Enry) at Hampton Court

During two visits to Hampton Court in the summer of 2012 I was able to see the throne (pictured above) that made Bradley Wiggins famous (or was it he who made Hampton Court’s 2012 thrones famous???) Long queues formed, as sports lovers and bike enthusiasts alike waited to have their photo takenRead More →

siabod 460x149 - What is reality?

“Without art we would die of reality.” This writing was spotted on a wall in Abbey Road, London, NW8. As an existentialist photographer, I found this ‘reality’ thing an interesting conundrum. Will we really die if there is no art? Reality is actually what we (or rather Kierkegaard!) might describeRead More →

d300 460x270 - A photography myth exposed

Flash photography is not permitted in many museums and art galleries. The main reason? Flash lighting damages works of art. I always thought this to be absolutely true. Seems it’s actually a fallacy that many public galleries have adopted with a strong belief. Flash does not damage art works. TheRead More →

d300n 460x270 - Photography thieves

People often steal others websites or context and pass it off as their own. Photography is no stranger to this. A fellow photography blog at Tumblr, Photo Stealers, details those websites that are genuine and those that are copies or clones. Its interesting to see how many think they canRead More →

tumblr inline mgoqpnEGsz1rp9syo 460x270 - Patrick Welch interview

Patrick Welch is a photographer who is based in Greenville County, South Carolina. His work focusses on nature, transport and history. I chose Patrick Welch for this particular interview because he is one of a unique kind of photographer. I find I have quite an affinity for his work because IRead More →

4444 460x270 - We are image manipulators

Photographers are plainly what one would call ‘image manipulators.’ Part of the great enjoyment of photography is the skill of being able to manipulate the scene and the lighting, until the best is brought out in the picture that is being taken. Essentially photographers dont just take a picture, theyRead More →

tumblr inline mgopuuXgxc1rp9syo 460x270 - Free Range Show at Brick Lane

I attended the Free Range show at Brick Lane during the summer. Here’s a brief write up on this annual event: Its an interesting show with lots of scope, nevertheless its probably too big to be effective in terms of viewing. Too many student photographers and considerably over-saturated in termsRead More →

d300n 460x270 - The end of DSLR photography?

Not another argument! We’ve already been through film vs digital, pixel vs quality, and other vagaries. Now one newspaper claims the end is nigh for the DSLR camera! The Orlando Sentinel says “Mobile photography is pushing point-and-shoot cameras into obscurity.” Is this true? There seems to be some grain of truth inRead More →