IMG 0534 460x270 - Paddington Art Deco

The 1930’s Great Western Railway art deco block, Paddington Station, London On the right is part of the roof covering Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s trainshed.Read More →

IMG 0210 460x270 - Black and white park

Two views in Green Park today. Despite the wonderful green colours and pockets of sunlight, I found these compositions worked better in black and white.Read More →

IMG 9579i 460x270 - Its that time again!

Roses and flowers of all kinds are showing their beauty at this time of year in London’s parks and even on the periphery around Buckingham Palace. This shot is of the southern flower bed opposite the palace and this time of year is great for flower shots. Red is aRead More →

IMG 9071 460x270 - Primrose Hill Palm Sunday

Each year there is a Palm Sunday service at the top of Primrose Hill, followed by a procession, from the top of the hill to St Mark’s Church. Gathering at the top of the hill, 10.00am Sunday 13th April. The St. Mark’s choir. Reading the The Palm Gospel (Matthew 22:Read More →

IMG 8576 460x270 - The Duck-chess of Trafalgar Square returns!

The Duck-chess of Trafalgar Square returns! This pm I paid another visit to the square & found our duck-chess enjoying the famous spot all on her own. She gracefully posed for my camera several times. Many enjoy seeing ducks in the square’s fountain pools as its a situation that is completely devoid of wildlife andRead More →

ducks 460x270 - Trafalgar Square ducks

Its not often one sees ducks in Trafalgar Square! Although the occasional duck from the nearby lake in St James Park pays a visit from time to time, this particular pair arrived about a week ago & have been every day since.Read More →

IMG 7180 460x270 - Monet's 1871 Hyde Park painting location

Monet’s London Hyde Park painting of January 1871 – experts claim the location cannot be ascertained accurately due to artistic licence and a fair amount of alteration made post-production in his studio. It is agreed the view looks towards Lancaster Gate, however the foreground is said to be of aRead More →