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d300n 300x183 - Photography thieves

Photography thieves

People often steal others websites or context and pass it off as their own. Photography is no stranger to this....

tumblr inline mgoqpnEGsz1rp9syo 300x173 - Patrick Welch interview

Patrick Welch interview

Patrick Welch is a photographer who is based in Greenville County, South Carolina. His work focusses on nature, transport and...

4444 300x226 - We are image manipulators

We are image manipulators

Photographers are plainly what one would call ‘image manipulators.’ Part of the great enjoyment of photography is the skill of...

tumblr inline mgopuuXgxc1rp9syo 300x183 - Free Range Show at Brick Lane

Free Range Show at Brick Lane

I attended the Free Range show at Brick Lane during the summer. Here’s a brief write up on this annual...

d300n 300x183 - The end of DSLR photography?

The end of DSLR photography?

Not another argument! We’ve already been through film vs digital, pixel vs quality, and other vagaries. Now one newspaper claims the...

burntysky 300x160 - Burtynsky revisited

Burtynsky revisited

I noticed two articles today in the online media around Edward Burtynsky and his work. The Telegraph has a photo gallery...

d300 300x183 - Interview: Kate Elliott (Photographer's Gallery)

Interview: Kate Elliott (Photographer's Gallery)

Monday 18 June 2012, Photographers Gallery, London Kate at the Photographer’s Gallery1: What initially interested you in photography? Kate: I...

d300n 300x183 - Quantum Photography?

Quantum Photography?

Ever heard of Schrodinger’s cat? You know, the one that’s either dead or alive. Quantum physics dictates that the cat...

camdenbr 300x161 - A couple of pics today

A couple of pics today

I did a recce along the Regents Canal today, the weather showing promising signs of being better than it usually...

d300 300x183 - Photography a silent form of communication?

Photography a silent form of communication?

I was intrigued to read that photography is a silent form of communication, but also one of the most effective...

kingscross 300x216 - London Festival Photography - Kings Cross

London Festival Photography – Kings Cross

Just passing through Kings Cross I thought I’d take a look at the new station concourse. Its a very impressive...

d300 300x183 - Camera Obscura Illusion

Camera Obscura Illusion

A camera obscura is a sort of an old worldy thing that enabled people to have a 3D view of...

burntyoil 300x171 - Burtynsky: Oil (Photographer's Gallery)

Burtynsky: Oil (Photographer's Gallery)

Today I made my first visit to the new (or rather, half new, half old) Photographer’s Gallery in Ramillies Street...

lumen 239x300 - The Post Office in pictures/Lumen building

The Post Office in pictures/Lumen building

I discovered a leaflet about an unusual exhibition, one that few probably have heard of but nevertheless a fascinating display...

d300n 300x183 - The existential photographer

The existential photographer

I decided to quickly look around the net and see if there were any articles or blogs related to existential...

d300 300x183 - Why Existential Camera?

Why Existential Camera?

Well we are all existentialist photographers! Ever seen two photographers look through the very same camera eyepiece at the same...



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