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Hyde Park Now
IMG 8501a 300x200 - Kensington Gardens Wildlife

Kensington Gardens Wildlife

A lovely day today, some pics from Kensington Gardens showing wildlife at leisure 🙂 A raven having fun in a bird bath...

Mehlweg1 300x139 - The location of the Sound of Music's final scenes

The location of the Sound of Music's final scenes

The 1965 film ‘Sound of Music’ is one of the world’s favourite musicals. Many people know of the locations in...

01 300x178 - 'Climb Every Mountain'

'Climb Every Mountain'

Have blogged on foreign locations before (e.g. Meudon) so its time for another! The 1965 film ‘Sound of Music’ is...

IMG 3068 300x200 - The  Folly revisited

The  Folly revisited

Crocker’s Folly, in London’s NW8 district just off Edgware Road, W2, has been in the news. Many plaudits have been...

IMG 72491 300x200 - Tower poppies & bridge at night

Tower poppies & bridge at night

Made a second visit to the poppies at the Tower of London! So many less people about so was able...

IMG 4407 300x203 - Tower at night

Tower at night

The famous poppy filled moat at the Tower of London will soon be no more. There were so many people...

IMG 3998 300x225 - Chinese handscroll paintings

Chinese handscroll paintings

The British Museum in London has a section featuring handscroll painting during this half term. Families are being encouraged to...

IMG 3932 300x200 - Brunel terminus

Brunel terminus

The 1850’s terminus at Paddington is an awesome building. Designed and engineered by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the northernmost shed was...

IMG 3609 300x200 - Tramlink


Despite fairly regular visits to Croydon’s Tramlink, I have never posted any pics on here. For the first time I...

IMG 1996 300x221 - Whitemall Bokeh

Whitemall Bokeh

I did some experiments with bokeh this afternoon/early evening. Trying to achieve an artistic look. This is perhaps the best...

IMG 1462 300x182 - Crockers Folly restored

Crockers Folly restored

The famous pub that was supposed to serve a London mainline terminus (Marylebone) but ended up being nowhere near it,...

IMG 1258 300x201 - Covent Garden floats!

Covent Garden floats!

Alex Chinneck’s art installation at Covent Garden has made the news this week. Impressed by what I had read, I...

IMG 0910 300x203 - India House Plaques

India House Plaques

There are twelve of these decorative plaques on the outside of India House (aka the Indian Embassy.) These can be...

IMG 4492 1 300x187 - Lizards


Whilst quickly passing through the Angel Canal festival in Islington, London, this afternoon, I spotted this lizard! Amazing rotating eyes!...

IMG 3313 300x200 - Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

A short visit to Kensington Palace today, and a selection of photographs I took… Glass lamp covers on the King’s...

dscf0065 300x169 - Paddington's Fan-tastic Bridge on test

Paddington's Fan-tastic Bridge on test

The Fan Bridge at Paddington Basin was on test late afternoon/early evening today (28th July) and could be seen raised...

IMG 3479 300x153 - Penguins on the Regent's Canal!

Penguins on the Regent's Canal!

Penguins can currently be seen by the Regent’s Canal! These cut-out penguins, apparently created by someone from the London Zoo,...

img 3498 300x141 - Zoo 'penguins'

Zoo 'penguins'

These cut out penguins can currently be seen by the Regent’s Canal – adjacent to Primrose Hill bridge – by...

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