DSC 3582fi 690x495 - TfL does it again!

Just a couple of days after TfL’s discrimination incident at Victoria tube station, they were at it once again. All I did was take some pictures of a Bakerloo Line train and then I noticed some brand new chairs in the pits between the rails (these are the seats thatRead More →

tflhandsfi 690x495 - Victim of TfL's disability discrimination

Victoria tube station opened its new accessible lifts recently. Today I went to investigate. There are a few problems with the claims Victoria tube station is the tube’s 75th accessible station. I wanted to relate how this claim is problematic and discuss errors with the new accessible lifts. However IRead More →

IMG 9153fi 690x495 - Coal Drops Yard: a critique

This week’s posts have invariably been about Coal Drops Yard (CDY) and yesterday’s report was one I enjoyed writing immensely, however it doesn’t belie the fact I still want to analyse the new development and discuss its pros and cons. I thought it would be prodigious to write an immediateRead More →

IMG 9027 690x495 - Coal Drops Yard: a primer

A set of photos taken this week and today – just before the final gloss is put on and London’s latest and much anticipated shopping and cuisine venue opens. Coal Drops Yard is the latest shopping centre to open in London. Located just north of King’s Cross and St. PancrasRead More →

IMG 7094fi 690x495 - Coal Drops Yard history in photos

The new Coal Drops Yard opens this week! Despite it being a historic site originally built in the 1850s its very hard to find any old pictures – clearly it was a sort of exclusive area being a heavily industrial area for the purposes of railway storage and transshipment purposes.Read More →

IMG 8617fi 690x495 - The Face at King's Cross

Despite what the publicity says ‘The Face’ covers archive exhibition is already on at King’s Cross! The dates given on the official King’s Cross website is 26th November to 31st January 2019 however its entirely installed as of now. The reason for the official dates is probably because part ofRead More →

selfridgesname 690x495 - Sod Selfridges....

Today I went to Selfridges store to take some photographs of their Xmas windows, I’ve been doing this for a while as some will judge from the number of posts I have written about Selfridges over the past six years. As soon as I had taken my first picture aRead More →

wferrynewfi 690x495 - Woolwich ferry upgrade #2

In the previous installment covering news on the Woolwich ferry upgrade I discussed the new automated mooring system for the ferry. To some it may have seemed the idea of a magnetic mooring system was a bit far fetched. More information has emerged to show this new innovation is indeedRead More →

IMG 6050fi 690x495 - The München Looping Returns

This year’s Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park – the festival’s 12th year – also sees the return of the Olympia Looping or as we in Brexit angst England know it – the München Looping, or if you prefer, the Munich Looping – is back for a third year. Very littleRead More →

DSC 0406fi 690x495 - Euston Station Anniversary Special

On this day fifty years ago the Queen opened the new Euston station. This embedded video (below) from You Tube shows pretty much the whole proceedings. The large stone unveiled by the Queen still stands to this day near the escalators leading to the tube station. Euston station is aRead More →