IMG 8350fi 460x270 - Build Crossrail's City Airport station!

Again & again it’s been said Crossrail should have a City Airport station. This week the news is City Airport’s in discussion with TfL on it. Crossrail actually passes through the site of the old Silvertown station on the North London Line and this was once City Airport’s official station!Read More →

IMG 7983FI 460x270 - Coal Drops Yard's confused outlook?

Today I was at CDY to catch up with what has been happening. Its not a terribly good picture. I was shown around the place (even though I know it well) and shown units that had closed for lack of business. There’s also units that have not yet seen aRead More →

IMG 4443fi 460x270 - Daimen Hirst rides London's Tide!

You may have not heard of it but London’s new Tide is coming! Riding it will be Damien Hirst himself – or rather – two of his sculptures! ‘The Tide’ is a high level walk from just outside the O2 itself to the Thames and is sort of a gardenRead More →

IMG 7910fi 460x270 - The GWR HST finale

The main part of the HST finale on 18th May took place in the late pm and early evening. My other post here, deals briefly with events earlier in the day. As I expected there was a huge turnout, I don’t really go in for these sort of events, butRead More →

IMG 4725fi 460x270 - Azuma & HST Finale

Today’s special post is about the Azuma finale. But they’ve only just started! Sorry, you’re right. This post should be about the last HST’s out of Paddington apologies! Today is the big day when HST’s bow out of main GWR services, and practically all the day’s services have been andRead More →

IMG 8035fi 460x270 - By diesel to Chesham

The last time any special sort of train visited Chesham was in 2013, on the 16th August when Met no.1 and L150, with Sarah Siddons and the Chesham carriages made two round trips to the small Chiltern town. We are coming up to the anniversaries of the Steam on theRead More →

IMG 4384fi 460x270 - Angerstein crossing's new look

This is about the ‘upgrade’ at the Angerstein foot crossing and its a follow-up to my previous two posts. Not one blog nor Twitter has made any updates on the Angerstein branch since the controversy over Network Rail’s proposal to close the crossing in April. Its being kept open forRead More →

lenovoX1fi 460x270 - Beyond the fold...

You’ve all seen or heard about the Samsung Fold, which looked so fantastic at first sight, even vloggers such as Casey Neistat were totally impressed by it, but soon enough its radical new folding screen failed in multiple different ways! Samsung had to recall each and every one of theRead More →

blkpooltfi 460x270 - Blackpool tower at 125

Britain’s answer to the Eiffel Tower and only five years younger, is the famous tower at Blackpool, for many decades the tallest building in the British Isles (besides the somewhat taller, short lived one at New Brighton.) The Blackpool Tower was inspired by the enormous success of the Eiffel Tower.Read More →

DSC 5638fi 460x270 - London's pair of big ears!

Its not boobs, its not balls, neither is it coconuts! Its a pair of ears! And a big pair of ears it is too! Before we move on let me tell you its nothing to do with Grandma or the big bad wolf. Dont get the wrong end of theRead More →

DSC 5586fi 460x270 - The Jubilee Line's priority seats

Created in time for TfL’s #Travelkind Priority Seating Week beginning 24th April 2019, these innovative new seating moquettes are set to impress. The colours are more eye catching than the old seats and the message on each one of these seats cannot be ignored easily. TfL say the entire JubileeRead More →

DSC 0044fi 460x270 - Carnaby Street feels the love

London’s famous shopping street, noted for its fashion and lifestyle retailers, and of course home of the sixties pop and rock mania, is currently running a very colourful campaign known as Carnaby feels the love. The campaign actually began in February but so far few in the media (nor anyRead More →

IMG 4317fi 460x270 - Eurostar at St Pancras

An extra commemorative post for the 25th anniversary of the Chunnel! I thought I’d go along to St. Pancras and see what was happening. Had sort of expected there might be something about the 25th anniversary of the tunnel but there wasn’t – unless something had been missed earlier. IRead More →

010112A5fi 460x270 - The Channel Tunnel 25 years on

Tunnels have been proposed under the English Channel (La Manche) for many years and there were in fact many attempts to build one. Some projects did get to construct tunnels that went partially under the channel, however the sheer scale of the task proved to be a stumbling block. ItRead More →

IMG 3951fi 460x270 - Kentish Town's crazy escalators!

This week a tweet particularly intrigued me. It showed the escalator steps at Kentish Town tube station with a quirky message ‘Stand on the handrail.’ An impossible task apparently – unless one was some sort of acrobat or tightrope artist. Clearly the message was removed very soon after the errorRead More →

010112A7fi 460x270 - Charing Cross is still on the Jubilee!

This week being the Jubilee Line’s 40th anniversary, I can reveal Charing Cross is still served by the Jubilee Line! ‘Aha yes that it does,’ one may retort, adding ‘but trains run there out of service from Green Park, no public services at all!’ No that’s not what I mean.Read More →

starchildfi 460x270 - 2001: A Space Odyssey - the critics

This is a review of the criticisms against Kubrick and his acclaimed film 2001: A Space Odyssey. All of these were made in the first few weeks the film was released, eg April and May 1968. I have added some of my own observations in relation to these. There areRead More →

jubilee40fi 460x270 - Jubilee Line 40th Anniversary

A post that does what its says on the label! But first a lovely photo collage from the London Transport Museum…. Opening scenes, posters and futuristic station architecture. Source: Twitter The Jubilee Line is, as some say, a silver fox. Its really so very old! Here’s a picture of theRead More →