starchildfi 460x270 - 2001: A Space Odyssey - the critics

This is a review of the criticisms against Kubrick and his acclaimed film 2001: A Space Odyssey. All of these were made in the first few weeks the film was released, eg April and May 1968. I have added some of my own observations in relation to these. There areRead More →

Londonist published a feature (8 August 2016) extolling the virtues of Paddington, including trains, bears, and canals – exactly what one expects to find in the area! 😉 It mentions Paddington Basin as a branch of the Regent’s Canal…. Many would say that’s a mistake as it’s a branch offRead More →

Canal & River Trust’s banner strung on the nothern side of the famous Little Venice pool proclaims: So Little Venice happens to be on the ‘Grand Union Canal’ only? The Regent’s isnt even mentioned! Let’s consider some facts.One: Little Venice would have never existed if the Regent’s Canal had notRead More →

A few weeks ago I blogged on the Canalway Cavalcade, with pics of the two baby coots on the rear of Dutch barge Zonnestraal. See Chicks, dogs & paddle boarders at Little Venice Sadly it seems one of the baby coots has been lost. Perhaps it fell into the water. OrRead More →

Saturday: Some more pics from Little Venice 🙂 The baby coots in the pool are perhaps the most popular attraction at this weekend’s Cavalcade! I would not assume the paddleboarders went through the tunnel – they could have perhaps done so by waiting for an eastbound boat and then trailingRead More →