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geoffstationsfi 460x270 - Geoff's least used tube stations?

I assume you have been watching Geoff Marshall’s videos recently, learning which tube stations are the least used – as well as reading that he wont cover the Waterloo & City (W&C) or Emirates Air Line because these are single point to point trips – and cannot have a stationRead More →

DSC 0493fi 460x270 - TfL's Womens Day at Victoria

On a visit to Victoria station 7th March to check the very controversial one way system in use, the new exhibition set up by TfL for the 8th March – International Womens Day – could not fail to be noticed. Some photographs were quickly taken on the 7th however IRead More →

IMG 0300fi 460x270 - Marylebone station's anniversary

The 120th anniversary! The first official train left Marylebone 9th March and the station opened to the public 15th March 1899. The London terminus was to be a grand one, both for the Midlands, the North and even a rail link to an early Channel Tunnel! The Great Central wasRead More →

vsign7marfi 460x270 - The Victoria Line's really big 50th birthday!

This is it! The big day! 7th March 1969 when the Victoria Line really came into the world. On this day fifty years ago the Queen rode the new automated trains and officially opened the new line in a ceremony at Victoria station. There are 150 images on view. That’sRead More →

DSC 0362fi 460x270 - Euston HS2 #6

Being the one about temporary diversions and demolitions underway. There has been a considerable amount of activity this past week or two. More buildings are coming down and others are being internally stripped. The biggest surprise for me was the suspension of the Euston Green Link route which I discussedRead More →

gewertitle 460x270 - George Ewer & Grey-Green #2

The first part of this series looked at the origins and history of George Ewer/Grey-Green from 1895 to eventual ownership under Arriva buses. Grey-Green was one of the most successful independent coach companies of the 20th Century and for a while it even became one of London’s successful bus operatorsRead More →

DSC 4865fi 460x270 - The Underground's £2 coin

This coin (and its twin) were released late 2012 in advance of the 150th anniversary of London Underground. Seven years later I am writing about one of these – and one may well ask why is that? The reason is very simply that I’ve never seen one until now –Read More →

IMG 4752fi 460x270 - Runaway tube trains #2

In the first part of this we looked at runaway trains on the Bakerloo, Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly Lines. This second part looks at those lines which one would assume did not have runaway trains of any sort. These are the Victoria, Waterloo & City and Island Lines. The latterRead More →

virginhl1fi 460x270 - Hyperloop #1

Hyperloop – the much vaunted new transportation system – does it live up to the huge amounts of hype being touted on its advantages? Only time will tell. There are so many questions to be answered before it can be a fully reliable technology. Authorities are still uncertain how muchRead More →

merryhillfi 460x270 - Monorails in the UK

You thought Wuppertal was the only place in the world where there was a Schwebebahn? Wrong! There’s one other and its at Dresden which showed Eugen Langen’s new monorail system’s various capabilities including doubling as a mountain railway. Indeed there was nothing to stop the idea of a Schwebebahn beingRead More →