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IMG 4432 460x270 - Leicester Square to Covent Garden - an overview

This is a trilogy of posts exploring the shortest distance between London tube stations, namely Leicester Square and Covent Garden. There’s myths that have never been fully investigated. Time to demolish some of these! Officially the shortest distance between two tube stations at 0.26km/0.16miles (although the closed British Museum toRead More →

IMG 1472 460x270 - Goodbye Leslie Green, hello Paddington Cube

The future at Paddington without the Leslie Green building (Source: Paddington) Today news is out that Paddington Cube, designed by Renzo Piano, has been given the go ahead. It will soar upon the site of the old mail sorting office. The nearby Bakerloo Line entrance will be relocated and providedRead More →

google2013 460x270 - Any remains of Beach's subway in Broadway?

In this second part on New York’s Beach Pneumatic Transit, I investigate whether any remains still exist. This post can be considered an update to what is currently known about the fate of Beach’s subway. As far as things go it does seem that there is nothing left of Beach’sRead More →

IMG 9072 460x270 - Northern Line mash-up

The Northern Line’s first night tube stint was heralded with a series of train describer errors. It seems the line’s controllers at Coburg Street were caught unprepared when things started playing up. I’m not sure what the problem was as it settled after about 30 minutes but am certain itRead More →

midway1 460x270 - Barre's Sliding Railway fails in America

This is the follow up to the Crystal Palace Gliding Railway feature. Following that demonstration this officially became the Barre Sliding Railway Company. The Sliding Railway Company launched investors’ bonds to show it was a serious contender for inter-urban transit. In order to tempt the US market, a line was proposed in Paris from Place Clichy to LaRead More →

night 460x270 - Night Tube out to the sticks

The tube has some strange timetable quirks such as the Circle/Hammersmith and City lines which run odd workings from Ealing or Upminster plus a handful of late night trains through Central London. It begs the question how early one can get out into the sticks – eg Bucks, Essex, Herts – do any strange workings enable it? Alas there’sRead More →

IMG 5408 460x270 - Fowler's Ghost

Fowler’s Ghost was a 2-4-0 broad gauge locomotive designed for the Metropolitan Railway by Sir John Fowler. The engine made just one test run through Edgware Road station in 1862 and was a failure. The Marylebone flyover approach shown below is the exact spot where the Ghost stood. Behind the wall is Edgware Road station. The A40 was built across theRead More →

design1891 460x270 - The Crystal Palace Gliding Railway

Louis-Dominique Girard’s Gliding Railway (later called the Sliding Railway) was an unusual train whose origins began in the late 1860s as a test line in the grounds of Girard’s home near Paris. It is said Girard developed his patent from somewhat earlier attempts to build a train that skated on lubricated rails – a scheme whichRead More →

IMG 5487 460x270 - Old Hounslow West terminus & the A1 express - repost

Now that a third runway has been authorised for Heathrow, more changes to the Piccadilly Line will be needed. These pictures from the early 1980s show remains of the original Hounslow West station after it was truncated and the tracks extended to serve Heathrow. The extension was opened in 1977. Hounslow West was builtRead More →

tunnel 460x270 - Beach Pneumatic Transit Videos

Round-up of You Tube videos featuring Alfred Ely Beach’s subway line! I mentioned Beach’s pioneering New York subway line a few weeks ago in a post on the Hyde Park pneumatic proposals. This is the 1st of a couple of posts dedicated to Beach’s pneumatic line that ran under Broadway. The realRead More →