121813123 460x270 - A non-existent post

I thought I would try my skills at something different. A post that doesn’t exist. Well it does but its not meant to if you know what I mean! If you think about it, it has no essence other than to plead its very existence by claiming it doesn’t exist…Read More →

nukemushroom 460x270 - The ending's always near...

Yesterday we had Notre Dame burn to the ground. Many of us were shocked and even in tears. I have been there, I used to go to Paris a lot, and loved it. I thought about putting my photos of it on social media, but everyone is doing it, soRead More →

dwlmcoverfi 460x270 - The Dancing Wu Li Masters

One of the biggest non science works of physics books in my view. On a par, or even better, than Tao of Physics, and even better than the Quantum Society/Self. As you have so not guessed it, this is the 40th anniversary of the famous book – one even physicistsRead More →

IMG 7736fi 460x270 - Could eBay Public Transport happen?

London’s buses, especially the new Routemasters, have taken on all sorts of advertising, the new buses being especially suited for this purpose making some very creative and eye catching adverts. This latest one is amazingly for eBay and it’s without a doubt one of the most colourful looks for theRead More →

IMG 5624 460x270 - Not the Lambeth Country Show....

I wasn’t going to write anything on the Lambeth Country Show this year. I did go, however was unsure it was what it was meant to be. So many changes. Confusing layouts and the main stage in a location that was ridiculous because it offered barely anyone a good viewRead More →

DSC 0057 460x270 - Being and Nothingness

The 75th anniversary of the publication of the book! The book was first launched 25th June 1943 under the Librairie Gallimard label and dedicated to ‘Castor’ this being Sartre’s name for his beloved Simone de Beauvoir, the noted feminist. This isn’t a post that claims to be an accurate descriptionRead More →

siloamfi 460x270 - The Tolpuddle Martyrs (TUC 150th)

Today, the 2nd June, is exactly 150 years since the first steps were taken to set up the Trades Union Congress, and 2018 is the organisation’s 150th anniversary year. The TUC has a line up of events for this special year and these can be seen here. In a nutshellRead More →

moonpic1 460x270 - 2001: A Space Odyssey

This Easter its fifty years since the classic space film, 2001: A Space Odyssey had its world premiere at the Lowe Theatre in Washington D.C. Despite being an American movie, 2001 was in fact one of a number of US films entirely made in England. Hence the credits: Made atRead More →

coverfi 460x270 - A Different Hal

As most of us know, HAL is the very awkward computer in 2001 A Space Odyssey, whose main aim seems to be one of taking humanity back to the dark ages. He wanted neither astronaut (Bowman and Poole) discovering the truth and sought the most devious ways to prevent anyRead More →