IMG 8189fi 460x270 - The cost of hosting US Presidents

Its that time again when a whole swathe of Regent’s Park is given over to a particular purpose – at great cost to the country – and probably of little benefit too – especially this time round! Yes you guessed – its the Trump visit. This unpopular President no doubtRead More →

IMG 4456fi 460x270 - Hyde Park update Feb 2019

The title describes it exactly. Its an update on the park. Maybe this has the makings of an occasional series seeing the name of this blog is Hyde park – Now! In fact this is the fourteenth or fifteenth post on Hyde Park considering I’ve written quite a over theRead More →

munchensidepov 460x270 - München Looping side POV

Possibly the first ever side POV of the München Looping! I had two earlier videos fail on me, the second had been of very good quality until it inexplicably cut out. Hence this was going to be my third attempt to get a reasonably good POV of the ride. ImagineRead More →

DSC 0176fi 460x270 - München Looping wins an award!

The München Looping (Munich Looping/Olympia Looping) has won a Gold Rides award for excellent customer experience. It was awarded by Winter Wonderland officials on Saturday 5th January and was made in collaboration with IMG and the Royal Parks. The award was made on the penultimate day of the 2018 seasonRead More →

DSC 1387fi 460x270 - Winter Wonderland fun

A selection of fun pics from Winter Wonderland throughout November, December 2018 and into January 2019. Up til now I’ve written very little about Winter Wonderland, there have been so many other posts to write – there’s just three more days of Winter Wonderland at the time of writing. IRead More →

DSC 0808fi 460x270 - München Looping 2019

A selection of pictures taken over the past month and into 2019 of riders on the famous roller coaster. I prefer those taken at night however these are much harder to take and a lot don’t turn out very well because slower shutter speeds have to be used to keepRead More →

DSC 2516fi 460x270 - Euston HS2 #4

Being the one about the Euston Green Link. This week as part of the Euston HS2 developments, contractors began putting up the first tangible signs of what is to be known as the Euston Green Link. As well as this flags and banners were put up along the Euston Road.Read More →

DSC 0900fi 460x270 - The One Million Queen

One Million Queen was unveiled on 29th November 2018. This unusual sculpture at Hyde Park Corner is based on Marga’s earlier work at the Ventique art gallery in Chelsea. It was meant to be launched in the summer of 2018, the idea being the bright sun would reflect the 1Read More →

IMG 8060fi 460x270 - Winter Wonderland is open!

Winter Wonderland opened on 22nd November 2018. It had a charity evening on the 21st which was attended by celebrities and others who paid £65 a head for unlimited ride tickets. The event was in aid of the Royal Parks. Tonight (22nd) was the public’s turn to sample Britain’s largestRead More →

IMG 9801fi 460x270 - The München Looping tests its lights

The München Looping tested its new digital lights for the first time in London’s Hyde Park on Sunday 11th November 2018. These lights were installed in time for the ride’s residency at Munich’s Oktoberfest a few weeks ago. The München Looping is basically complete and the other rides and stallsRead More →

IMG 3865fi 460x270 - The München Looping is being built

As discussed a few weeks ago, the München Looping has returned to London’s Hyde park for a third year running! The sections of the park needed for Winter Wonderland were closed off from the 4th November and the perimeter fence put up. On Monday 5th November the different venues startedRead More →

IMG 6050fi 460x270 - The München Looping Returns

This year’s Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park – the festival’s 12th year – also sees the return of the Olympia Looping or as we in Brexit angst England know it – the München Looping, or if you prefer, the Munich Looping – is back for a third year. Very littleRead More →

IMG 6362fi 460x270 - Burberry's Bear at Marble Arch

I had no intention of making a post on this first day of the new domain/blog name, most definitely not one from ‘Hyde Park’ either! However that soon changed when I spotted this huge inflatable bear from a passing bus! It was just being put up, this was about 17.30pmRead More →

DSC03264fi 460x270 - The man in the glass box

Does anyone remember a man living in a glass box hanging above the River Thames near Tower Bridge? He promised he would stay there 44 days! Thousands came to cheer him on and he kept his promises by staying up there, cooped in this little space for the entire 44Read More →

IMG 5624 460x270 - Not the Lambeth Country Show....

I wasn’t going to write anything on the Lambeth Country Show this year. I did go, however was unsure it was what it was meant to be. So many changes. Confusing layouts and the main stage in a location that was ridiculous because it offered barely anyone a good viewRead More →

DSC 0087fi 460x270 - London's Bug Hotels

This isn’t some dodgy London hotels that have a bug or two in their rafters! Its the art of conservation in fact. These are genuine attempts to provide homes for bugs. They’re the kind of insects that everyone loves, like bees, butterflies and ladybirds, Its quite hard for these livingRead More →

DSC 0585fi 460x270 - A cemetery no longer wanted

London has a number of famous cemeteries or graveyards with a certain air of dereliction, yet still owned and partially maintained by councils or local organisations – with Highgate perhaps the best known example – and Abney Park, Kensal Green, Norwood on the list too. The cemetery I am aboutRead More →

IMG 2090 460x270 - A London water feature ends

This is The Rill, a popular stretch of flowing water at More London. It no longer exists. Originally three water features were built as part of the new development between London Bridge and Tower Bridge in the early 2000s. The Water Benches (alongside Tooley Street), The Rill, extending 260m (orRead More →