7years700postsfi 460x270 - The 700th post!

Yes! 700 posts published so far! That’s in seven years. And this one published on the 7th of the month too! So that’s essentially 7/7/700. I bet you all though I’d only posted a couple of hundred to date. This blog has been running since 2012 thus there has beenRead More →

loherloopfi 460x270 - The Schwebebahn's Loher Looping

There’s one question that has bugged people for more than a century. Which came first? The Schwebebahn or the München Looping? Today we have the answer. The famous German monorail beat the München Looping in terms of plans and concepts by a whole century. How did that even come about?Read More →

googlewskxfi 460x270 - Warren St/King's Cross photo surveys

A series of pictures to show the alignment between Warren Street and King’s Cross tube stations can indeed be seen, as well as both stations from the main entrance to Euston station by the gatehouses at Euston Grove. Upon doing these extra surveys I found it was much easier toRead More →

DSC 2572fi 460x270 - London's furthest sighted tube stations?

Everyone talks about how near or how far a tube station is, whether its for walking, a short cut or simply an out of station interchange. Or for example its a means of avoiding the tube altogether – like Leicester Square – Covent Garden, White City – Wood Lane, QueenswayRead More →

selfridgesname 460x270 - Sod Selfridges....

Today I went to Selfridges store to take some photographs of their Xmas windows, I’ve been doing this for a while as some will judge from the number of posts I have written about Selfridges over the past six years. As soon as I had taken my first picture aRead More →

DhrPBiHXkAEHn7f 460x270 - The Abano Pass

Another post featuring an exotic location! A number of non UK places have been featured before – USA, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, Austria and so on. This time it’s a part of the world few know exists. Yes the country in question is one many should have heard of however theRead More →

parkourfi 460x270 - Parkour versus the Tube

We’ve seen a few videos where people race the tube, namely between Mansion House and Cannon Street, and yes people beat the tube easily. This one is different. Its a parkour race against the tube. For those of you who do not know what parkour is, its jumping, acrobatics, oftenRead More →

DSC 0531fi 460x270 - Don't forget Tom

A quick post today, and one where I picked up a book for free. I suppose it would have been thrown away otherwise. What caught my eye initially wasn’t the subject itself but the publisher, Adams and Charles Black, whom some of you may be aware was a famous bookRead More →

DSC 0087fi 460x270 - London's Bug Hotels

This isn’t some dodgy London hotels that have a bug or two in their rafters! Its the art of conservation in fact. These are genuine attempts to provide homes for bugs. They’re the kind of insects that everyone loves, like bees, butterflies and ladybirds, Its quite hard for these livingRead More →

sdcard128tbfi 460x270 - 128TB sd cards!

News is hot today that future SD cards will hold in theory a max of 128TB. The new format was announced recently. It wasn’t that long ago they announced a 1TB SD card. Now its 128 times more than that size (still in exFat though.) 1TB cards haven’t even beenRead More →