DSC 0531fi 690x495 - Don't forget Tom

A quick post today, and one where I picked up a book for free. I suppose it would have been thrown away otherwise. What caught my eye initially wasn’t the subject itself but the publisher, Adams and Charles Black, whom some of you may be aware was a famous bookRead More →

DSC 0087fi 690x495 - London's Bug Hotels

This isn’t some dodgy London hotels that have a bug or two in their rafters! Its the art of conservation in fact. These are genuine attempts to provide homes for bugs. They’re the kind of insects that everyone loves, like bees, butterflies and ladybirds, Its quite hard for these livingRead More →

sdcard128tbfi 690x495 - 128TB sd cards!

News is hot today that future SD cards will hold in theory a max of 128TB. The new format was announced recently. It wasn’t that long ago they announced a 1TB SD card. Now its 128 times more than that size (still in exFat though.) 1TB cards haven’t even beenRead More →

tfl logo 690x495 - That TfL Response

I had a comment from TfL yesterday in response to my post on the Night Overground services to New Cross. It concerned me a bit and also I wasnt sure if it was a spoof however investigation shows it definitely came from TfL, though whom I dont know and they’reRead More →

DSC 0154fimg 690x495 - A London Shakespearean forger?

Louis Charles Alexander (L.L.D., F.R.C.S., F.R.Hist: S) is not a well known London based author except for one other book which is too of some disrepute besides the one we will discuss below. L. C. Alexander was a learned man and a member of the Society of Authors. He wasRead More →

yellowbkfi 690x495 - Legible London & other missing files

Many people comment on the fact many original files and documents related to Legible London are no longer to be found on TfL’s website – or anywhere else for that matter. I’ve added a few other goodies discovered along the way! sad to discover most of the design docs forRead More →

DSC 0603fi 690x495 - Xmas Knightsbridge Rhino!

Remember the Knightsbridge Rhino? I wrote about that earlier this year. Its now a Christmas Rhino! Fully fledged in Santa Claus costume. How did they get those xmas clothes on? I mean a Rhino wouldn’t be easy to measure up. Think of the struggle trying to hold it whilst itRead More →

coverfi 690x495 - A Different Hal

As most of us know, HAL is the very awkward computer in 2001 A Space Odyssey, whose main aim seems to be one of taking humanity back to the dark ages. He wanted neither astronaut (Bowman and Poole) discovering the truth and sought the most devious ways to prevent anyRead More →

brolly1fi - A Brolly Good Show!

Lots of audacious moped robberies going on in London. This was Avery Row, just off Bond Street, 10 October 2017. Love the way this pensioner attempted to stop these robbers with the simple use of a large brolly! Sadly that was barely reported by the media. Guy comes out ofRead More →

IMG 9043 - Southgate and Winchmore Hill

Southgate and Winchmore Hill are suburbs of North London within the borough of Enfield, formerly Southgate District Council. Both locations were at one time small villages well out in the countryside, and until the coming of the railways and tube, they remained largely as such. This is not meant to beRead More →