tflroadsmapfi 460x270 - London's Carmageddon map

TfL has a lovely new London-wide map except its not what you think – its a car/roads oriented network map. You can be sure these corridors of diesel or petrol power (some ironically alongside what could be called corridors of petal power) are where people with more money than senseRead More →

worbcab 460x270 - Met Police: More failures with John Worboys

This is a fresh look at the Worboys case, especially the Met police’s failures and entails some new information which I believe if had been known at the time, would have given the victims even more means to take the Met Police to task – and also secure further compensationsRead More →

hollowaymps 460x270 - Met Police attack Holloway boys - 1983

‘WHEN POLICE THINK THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT’ (1)Things like this might be the stuff of fiction: One night some Met Police officers opt for an orgy of violence & patrol North London’s streets for potential victims. Five young boys are found and a sustained attack is made upon theRead More →