IMG 7840fi 460x270 - Euston HS2 #7

Being the one about Euston’s new tube entrance and its a special two-part article. The entrance has been open nearly two months and a look is taken at how construction of the new entrance came about. A large part of it is actually work for HS2 thus any ‘improvements’ isRead More →

hllogofi 460x270 - Hammersmith High Line

Hammersmith’s high line – that bit of viaduct in the centre of the town left over from the number of lines that once threaded their way through here! Since 1916 when the last connections at Ravenscourt Park were removed – the viaduct has been left to stand on its own.Read More →

DSCF0564test 460x270 - Snowdon's Hafod Eryri 10 years

Wales’ so called ‘highest slum’ – the old Snowdon summit building – was replaced in 2009 with a brand new design by Ray Hole, and called Hafod Eryri, which means roughly summer residence. It was built to better match the summit of Snowdon than the old building did and hasRead More →

IMG 4443fi 460x270 - Daimen Hirst rides London's Tide!

You may have not heard of it but London’s new Tide is coming! Riding it will be Damien Hirst himself – or rather – two of his sculptures! ‘The Tide’ is a high level walk from just outside the O2 itself to the Thames and is sort of a gardenRead More →

blkpooltfi 460x270 - Blackpool tower at 125

Britain’s answer to the Eiffel Tower and only five years younger, is the famous tower at Blackpool, for many decades the tallest building in the British Isles (besides the somewhat taller, short lived one at New Brighton.) The Blackpool Tower was inspired by the enormous success of the Eiffel Tower.Read More →

IMG 3704fi 460x270 - London's JFK statue - update

I wrote about the vandalisation of London’s one and only memorial to the former US President John F Kennedy. The shocking act was barely reported in the media, and not one important blog mentioned it either – very unheard of. That is why I wrote a piece on the matter.Read More →

IMG 6028fi 460x270 - Hammersmith bridge's in such a state!

The oldest most upstream road bridge on the fully tidal section of the Thames suddenly closed a few days ago much to the anger of many. It however provided an opportunity for me to go and investigate exactly what ailed the bridge, especially as I have taken a number ofRead More →

tulipfi 460x270 - A nip in the bud?

The controversial 305m Tulip Tower was approved by by the City of London Planning and Transportation Committee held in London’s Guildhall yesterday – with 18 votes for and 7 against. The next stage is to see whether The Mayor approves it too. He has approved some rather objectionable buildings soRead More →

toureiffel130fi 460x270 - La Tour Eiffel 130 Ans

The 130th Anniversary of the Eiffel Tower! The title’s in French to differentiate it from the main post I have done for this anniversary. This one is just a collection of tweets and news on the anniversary weekend. I’ll probably hit the delete button in a few days time –Read More →

eiffel130fi 460x270 - The Eiffel Tower's 130th anniversary!

This weekend its the Eiffel Tower’s 130th anniversary! On that day in history (Sunday 31st) 130 years ago the Eiffel Tower was opened for the first time with Eiffel himself leading politicians and Government officials to the top, a walk taking over an hour. The occasion marked the completion ofRead More →

thevesselfi 460x270 - The Vessel opens - and that elevator!

I have been watching the 154 foot high Vessel’s recent progress with interest and have been curious as to how the ADA compliant elevator sited on the south side of Thomas Heatherwick’s controversial gigantic artwork/sculpture worked. In a previous post I put forward some observations on its possible operation andRead More →

IMG 0171fi 460x270 - Up on the rooftops - again

Yep! Three times in a week. It’s not as much as some others who have been doing the same as I have. This is the task of chasing the proverbial magical ark of photographs on the rooftop of 120 Fenchurch Street. More people are finding it a place where seriousRead More →

IMG 9936fi 460x270 - City Spires & Towers #9

In the previous City Spires & Towers post seven months ago, we had a look around Aldgate, Bishopsgate and the Undershaft. Once again we are in that area and this time its all about a new building that has just opened to the public. Yes its 120 Fenchurch Street andRead More →

DSC 4633xfi 460x270 - 120 Fenchurch Street

This is London’s newest vantage point! Its been open on an ad hoc basis since the summer of 2018 to local workers and organisations, and the original plans were for it to open in the late summer of 2018. Things got a bit delayed and Valentine’s Day 2019 was theRead More →

DSC 0928xxfi 460x270 - Regent Street Disease

Zombies Dawn of the Dead. Horrific crowds of probably quite dead people. Bloodied, tattered, dazed, wandering about up and down London’s Regent Street as some mysterious disease suddenly afflicts everybody? No its not that sort of horror neither is it an affliction that affects pigeons or other animals. Regent StreetRead More →

IMG 9643xfi 460x270 - Old tube station reveals itself!

Fifty years ago in February 1959, the last tube trains to served this particular station were withdrawn. The station itself eventually became hidden for good by huge advertising boards and the only proper reminder it ever existed was a footbridge that apparently went nowhere! Recently these advertising hoardings came downRead More →

DSC 0189fi 460x270 - The Television Centre in White City

The BBC TV Centre at White City was opened in 1960 which is now almost sixty years ago. It too is roughly that amount of time since the first time I ventured to White City on the Central Line. Actually I think it was about 1958 I first passed throughRead More →

vesselrisingfi 460x270 - New York's gigantic staircase

The Vessel is designed by Heatherwick Studios in London and the huge, Escher-like staircase is due to open in Spring 2019. Its essentially a huge public artwork which people can walk, climb, and enjoy the views from the top. People will be able to ascend it by any combination ofRead More →