IMG 1669fi 300x183 - Thameslink does it again!

Thameslink does it again!

Thameslink train descending towards City station about 16.50pm on the day in question. No sooner than the debacle had occurred of Thameslink's trains stalling and refusing to reboot until specialists ...
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IMG 1434fi 300x183 - Rosemary Branch N1

Rosemary Branch N1

A branch line in London N1 perhaps? Nope. Its a part of London that's been known by this name since the sixteenth century and also because of a well known ...
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IMG 6294fi 300x183 - Helch - An update

Helch – An update

The mysterious Helch continues to spread his word across London and the south of England. I did a small run on the trains/tube and found other examples of Helch's work ...
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IMG 5985fi 300x183 - New canal frontage opens at Paddington

New canal frontage opens at Paddington

A new canal frontage has been opened where there was previously none. Its adjacent to a historic site and this is reflected in the building the new wharf/canal walkway has ...
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palmasignfi 300x184 - 'Hostile takeover' for Ferrocarril de Sóller?

‘Hostile takeover’ for Ferrocarril de Sóller?

News comes in the Guardian published this afternoon (Saturday 17th August) an 'anonymous' group of people are attempting to buy out the famous Mallorcan railway which runs between Palma and ...
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IMG 1745work copytext 300x183 - Lentil Soup

Lentil Soup

Today its cookery lessons! The art of how to make lentil soup :) Here are some lentils ready to be gathered up and cooked to one's delight... Green (and some ...
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IMG 1001fi 300x183 - Facial recognition in use at King's Cross...

Facial recognition in use at King’s Cross…

Reports on facial recognition being used at King's Cross and the idea that it should be implemented at Canary Wharf is a very interesting matter. Is it legit? Has permission ...
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DSC 0494fi 300x186 - Power outrage!

Power outrage!

When brand new trains get well and truly f**ked... or how Thameslink's trains got crossed off the rail network map! Friday 9th August 2019. The heavens opened and there was ...
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IMG 0686fi 300x186 - What the Helch?

What the Helch?

What the....? No its not hell, but Helch. If you do not know what Helch means well you are in luck - for it seems no-one else knows either! Helch ...
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IMG 0505fi 300x186 - The canals' duckweed war

The canals’ duckweed war

Some years ago the then sibling charity Canal and River Trust had thought to themselves 'the duckweed war is being won'. It was very wishful thinking! A series of articles ...
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schwebtfi 300x186 - The Schwebebahn reopens!

The Schwebebahn reopens!

After an eight month closure following the failure of the monorail's stromschiene (power rail if you like) where a 300 metre stretch collapsed onto the roads and into the river, ...
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abbeyrdfi 300x186 - Abbey Road at fifty

Abbey Road at fifty

Its alright now, we've reached the fiftieth anniversary of the world's most famous zebra crossing. Actually there's been a zebra crossing on Abbey Road more than fifty years, so this ...
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IMG 0591fi 300x186 - Samsung's new King's Cross store

Samsung’s new King’s Cross store

Samsung's new store at Coal Drops Yard (CDY) in King's Cross is an impressive place to visit and demonstrates the growing trend of 'temples of technology' with loads of things ...
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bluetrainfi 300x186 - The Blue Train

The Blue Train

Britain's newest train, can be said to be 'blue in the face' because its had so many mishaps, its had a considerably poor showing ever since its launch in April ...
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EA57usvWkAAjxwd 300x186 - Toddbrook Reservoir

Toddbrook Reservoir

The dam at Toddbrook. Source: Twitter By now most of the world will have read of the calamity at Toddbrook Reservoir above Whaley Bridge and seen the huge efforts to ...
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IMG 9835fi 300x186 - London's Grand Designs

London’s Grand Designs

'London is home to some of the world’s most striking architecture and innovative engineering. Whether driven by divine purpose or the needs of a growing population, architects and engineers have ...
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DSC 0872fi 300x186 - A rose scented King's Cross tube

A rose scented King’s Cross tube

This is certainly an unusual advertising campaign for it escapes the conventional in order to embrace the delectable! Hendrick's Gin currently has one of the largest tunnel wraps, 70 metres ...
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IMG 7473fi 300x186 - A droog mural

A droog mural

Perhaps London's best droog mural of all time? This is Alex Burgess, or more generally, Alex De Large, the violent ultra right droog leader in Clockwork Orange. And De Large ...
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IMG 9466fi 300x186 - Euston HS2 #9

Euston HS2 #9

Being the one where they say Euston's a changin!' I haven't covered this particular part of Euston HS2 before in detail even though I had every intention of doing so ...
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newbrnwfi 300x186 - The new 'Bridge to Nowhere'

The new ‘Bridge to Nowhere’

Artists' depiction showing the new bridge looking towards the Aylesbury Estate in Southwark. This week the first photographs have emerged showing London's new 'Bridge to Nowhere.' The aerial photographs are ...
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DSC 0660fi 300x186 - Kensington Gardens' parrots

Kensington Gardens’ parrots

This is a subject most others have written about before, hence its nothing new to see parrots, or in this case parakeets (the proper name for these birds,) in London ...
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allthestationsiom 300x186 - Not All The Stations....

Not All The Stations….

Its that time again, station after station, railway after railway. ALL the stations on the Isle of Man episode two released yesterday. But what's this? The Manx Electric Railway 'All ...
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apollomoonfi 300x186 - The Moon 1969

The Moon 1969

You'll know what this is about! Its fifty years since humans first set foot on the moon. But first we start with a totally different perspective upon the matter - ...
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IMG 9817fi 300x186 - Those 3D zebra crossings!

Those 3D zebra crossings!

A fantastically workable concept or just a fad? I think its more the latter. Despite being present in a number of other countries the UK installed its first 3d crossing ...
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IMG 4484 300x165 - The Tide - London's latest folly?

The Tide – London’s latest folly?

I decided on this extra post in the light of some other tweets I discovered during the course of today (17th July) thanks to a certain DG. Apologies if I'm ...
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IMG 9646fi 300x186 - The Extinction continues

The Extinction continues

Extinction Rebellion (XR) are at it again with another major demonstration in London. This time they took over the eastern part of the Strand right outside the Royal Courts of ...
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gpotowerfi 300x186 - The Post Office Tower

The Post Office Tower

Today is the anniversary of the topping out of the BT (or Telecom) Tower and for some its still known as the Post Office Tower. Besides the images showing early ...
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palmasignfi 300x184 - Ferrocarril de Sóller

Ferrocarril de Sóller

Mallorca's popular tourist railway, the 'Orange Express,' has entered its 90th year of electrification. The Palma - Sóller route originally opened on 16th May 1912 (ironically the very week the ...
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IMG 9998fi 300x186 - What ails Hammersmith bridge?

What ails Hammersmith bridge?

Most of you will know the news today, which is of course the great possibility that Hammersmith bridge 'may be shut to drivers for good.' What is it that ails ...
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tidesecurityfi 300x186 - The Tide - a place I never want to visit again.

The Tide – a place I never want to visit again.

UPDATE 17 JULY 2019: I updated this post in view of a link to it, however that link is no longer extant... As pointed out in the text below (the ...
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geofftitle 300x186 - Geoff’s least used tube stations #2

Geoff’s least used tube stations #2

Roding Valley. The least used tube station of all! And here are the little bits Geoff missed out... As I predicted in my earlier post Roding Valley was undoubtedly going ...
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metpol1998fi 300x186 - That unreliable Met Police

That unreliable Met Police

Today five former commissioners are claiming the Metropolitan Police cannot sustain more falls in numbers, especially in the light of knife crime and the rest of it. They have issued ...
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IMG 1434fi 300x183 - Rosemary Branch N1

Rosemary Branch N1

A branch line in London N1 perhaps? Nope. Its a part of London that’s been known by this name since...

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