allthestationsiom 300x186 - Not All The Stations....

Not All The Stations….

Its that time again, station after station, railway after railway. ALL the stations on the Isle of Man episode two released yesterday. But what's this? The Manx Electric Railway 'All ...
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apollomoonfi 300x186 - The Moon 1969

The Moon 1969

You'll know what this is about! Its fifty years since humans first set foot on the moon. But first we start with a totally different perspective upon the matter - ...
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IMG 9817fi 300x186 - Those 3D zebra crossings!

Those 3D zebra crossings!

A fantastically workable concept or just a fad? I think its more the latter. Despite being present in a number of other countries the UK installed its first 3d crossing ...
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IMG 4484 300x165 - The Tide - London's latest folly?

The Tide – London’s latest folly?

I decided on this extra post in the light of some other tweets I discovered during the course of today (17th July) thanks to a certain DG. Apologies if I'm ...
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IMG 9646fi 300x186 - The Extinction continues

The Extinction continues

Extinction Rebellion (XR) are at it again with another major demonstration in London. This time they took over the eastern part of the Strand right outside the Royal Courts of ...
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gpotowerfi 300x186 - The Post Office Tower

The Post Office Tower

Today is the anniversary of the topping out of the BT (or Telecom) Tower and for some its still known as the Post Office Tower. Besides the images showing early ...
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palmasignfi 300x184 - Ferrocarril de Sóller

Ferrocarril de Sóller

Mallorca's popular tourist railway, the 'Orange Express,' has entered its 90th year of electrification. The Palma - Sóller route originally opened on 16th May 1912 (ironically the very week the ...
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IMG 9998fi 300x186 - What ails Hammersmith bridge?

What ails Hammersmith bridge?

Most of you will know the news today, which is of course the great possibility that Hammersmith bridge 'may be shut to drivers for good.' What is it that ails ...
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tidesecurityfi 300x186 - The Tide - a place I never want to visit again.

The Tide – a place I never want to visit again.

UPDATE 17 JULY 2019: I updated this post in view of a link to it, however that link is no longer extant... As pointed out in the text below (the ...
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geofftitle 300x186 - Geoff’s least used tube stations #2

Geoff’s least used tube stations #2

Roding Valley. The least used tube station of all! And here are the little bits Geoff missed out... As I predicted in my earlier post Roding Valley was undoubtedly going ...
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metpol1998fi 300x186 - That unreliable Met Police

That unreliable Met Police

Today five former commissioners are claiming the Metropolitan Police cannot sustain more falls in numbers, especially in the light of knife crime and the rest of it. They have issued ...
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IMG 7800fi 300x186 - Euston HS2 #8

Euston HS2 #8

Being the second part on how Euston got a new tube entrance. This post features the actual work to build the new entrance itself. In the first part we looked ...
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greenparkpridefi 300x186 - Green Park's #Pride posters

Green Park’s #Pride posters

Its #Pride time again and this year TfL is celebrating with a corridor of posters at Green Park tube station. Its also doing smaller celebrations at other tube stations with ...
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DSC 6315fi 300x186 - Tower Bridge: one thro' five

Tower Bridge: one thro’ five

Tower Bridge's one-two-five (125th) anniversary is upon us and this post discusses the bridge's 'one thro' five' - a subject that's never been written about! What's that then? Its the ...
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smtramfi 300x186 - The Swansea & Mumbles Railway

The Swansea & Mumbles Railway

In 1889, 1929, 1954 and 1959 there were four important milestones for the railway that ran along Swansea Bay. The first was a change from what was then called the ...
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IMG 1271fi 300x186 - Johnston commemorated

Johnston commemorated

This week a new memorial to one of London Transport's pioneers, was unveiled. Its at Farringdon station and a new form of memorial much like the Frank Pick one at ...
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IMG 7840fi 300x186 - Euston HS2 #7

Euston HS2 #7

Being the one about Euston's new tube entrance and its a special two-part article. The entrance has been open nearly two months and a look is taken at how construction ...
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hllogofi 300x186 - Hammersmith High Line

Hammersmith High Line

Hammersmith's high line - that bit of viaduct in the centre of the town left over from the number of lines that once threaded their way through here! Since 1916 ...
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IMG 9157fi 300x186 - District Line Steam 150

District Line Steam 150

SUNDAY 23RD: I took a few pictures of the final trip into Ealing Broadway and also was hoping to do the train leaving Ealing Common depot however it turned out ...
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1958picfi 300x186 - A 1956 tube stock mystery

A 1956 tube stock mystery

A special post about the 1956 tube stock. Piccadilly Circus station staff sent a tweet (one of their earliest ones) in February of this year asking for information on a ...
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IMG 8807fi 300x186 - Piccadilly Circus tube's BSL

Piccadilly Circus tube’s BSL

Piccadilly Circus tube station, one of the busiest on the tube, certainly in terms of tourism, is also a station where the unusual happens all the time. I have written ...
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DSC 5944fi 300x186 - RV1 ends

RV1 ends

As a good number of my readers will know, the RV1 ended last night. Although I was not able to go out due to injuries, here's a quick post plus ...
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121813123 300x186 - A non-existent post

A non-existent post

I thought I would try my skills at something different. A post that doesn't exist. Well it does but its not meant to if you know what I mean! If ...
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lightsealbdwyfi 300x186 - The lights die down on Ealing Broadway

The lights die down on Ealing Broadway

For years I've seen the lights at Ealing Broadway station. And they are dead! Here Comes the Supernatural Anaesthetist - saying its time to write of them. For long years ...
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DSCF0564test 300x186 - Snowdon's Hafod Eryri 10 years

Snowdon’s Hafod Eryri 10 years

Wales' so called 'highest slum' - the old Snowdon summit building - was replaced in 2009 with a brand new design by Ray Hole, and called Hafod Eryri, which means ...
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tubeposter2 300x186 - Tube Vintage Poster Tweets #2

Tube Vintage Poster Tweets #2

The second part of this series. These are all tweets not covered in the first part - and there's plenty too. Its the result of patiently searching Twitter then copying ...
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IMG 8491fi 300x186 - Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street

Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street

This is some guy who's said to live at a place known as 221b Baker Street. Non-existent obviously but has a huge following and many films, some recent with Robert ...
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pilatusfi 300x186 - The Pilatus Bahn at 130

The Pilatus Bahn at 130

The Pilatus Bahn at 130. Switzerland's famous rack railway and the steepest example in the world opened to the public on 4th June 1889. The line uses a unique patent ...
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gondolasfi 300x186 - Emirates cable car in miniature!

Emirates cable car in miniature!

Budding model collectors have an opportunity to collect one of just 99 specially created models depicting London's Emirates cable car! These are priced at £300 each - so make it ...
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IMG 8189fi 300x186 - The cost of hosting US Presidents

The cost of hosting US Presidents

Its that time again when a whole swathe of Regent's Park is given over to a particular purpose - at great cost to the country - and probably of little ...
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wdhdtnlfi 300x186 - Woodhead and the EM2s

Woodhead and the EM2s

A tribute to the now closed railway tunnel and its famous EM2 locomotives. The tunnel was the UK's longest landwards example built during the 20th Century. Two major collapses caused ...
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tubeposter1 300x186 - Tube Vintage Poster Tweets #1

Tube Vintage Poster Tweets #1

A goody bag of tweets covering many different types of vintage London Underground posters, many dating back to the very early days of the tube. This post was originally prepared ...
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allthestationsiom 300x186 - Not All The Stations....

Not All The Stations….

Its that time again, station after station, railway after railway. ALL the stations on the Isle of Man episode two...

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