Temporary about page – you are definitely at www.hydeparknow.uk!

These changes were prompted by issues with the old hosting. It was thought a new name was also appropriate.

Why Hyde Park Now? Why not? Its there isn’t it? I mean seriously, if no one wanted Hyde Park to become the name of a blog they shouldn’t have put the park there in the first place!

Its no reference to Apocalypse Now either (sorry to disappoint those who might speculate on such possibilities!)

‘Now’ isn’t actually a thing because now disappears as soon as one identifies any sort of ‘now.’ In a sense now refers to the past, that which has gone by. Its like passing a railway station at speed. It was there but it is now receding into the past. Its somewhere but not within one’s immediate grasp. History isn’t within one’s immediate grasp either thus ‘now’ seems to be an appropriate label. The billions and billions of many nows all disappear into the past and the only way to illustrate these nows is to reconstruct their history as best as one can. Funnily enough these reconstructions also become past histories too! Thus the ‘now’ is always the-to-be-history that will form part of humanity’s baggage of whatsits, whatevers and whatnots.

Why Hyde Park? Well its a nice park! Again, if one doesn’t want anyone enthusing after  a particular park just don’t put it there! Same for other blogs, calling themselves after London, well who’d ever have thought London would be something many would want to call their ‘own’? Those Romans could have called this ye olde settlement something else but then us damned blighters would have used the modern form of this other name instead 🙂

The site (blog) will be be further updated and this page will be renewed in due course. In terms of the site itself a new header was drawn up and whilst it sort of worked it was ultimately rejected. Thus this strange mix of the old blog’s header and a partial new header has ensued. Hopefully a better one will appear in due course.

New header as of 12th September, looks much better but still a bit niggly, didn’t want to squash the view from the park to Marble Arch too much and make it look extremely distorted. Expect will have to go to the park again, find an even more oblong perspective!

By the way I still have to keep my typing to a minimum, I still have problems with my hands and arms and need not to overuse these. They are slowly getting better but do need to be careful as I need these limbs for communicating too!

Today (15th September) I revisited Hyde Park and did some more photos including panoramas. One of today’s efforts can now be seen on the header, showing a view across the Serpentine with the Telecom Tower at one side and the Hilton Hotel at the other.


  1. Bonjour

    You made me laugh – not an easy thing for a grumpy old man – and you have some truly great pictures – wheres the ‘Like Everything’ button.



    1. I dont think there is such a button! Perhaps WordPress would consider?

  2. Thank you for following me and George Bradshaw in London! Considering your background I am very honoured

  3. Thanks, your background in London history is to be honoured too 🙂

  4. 1st London Blog
    Greatly appreciate your enlightening work
    Grove Rd power station, recalled well: actually owned by Central Electricity Supply Co, not METESCO. Both used Peachey & Reilly, architects, hence the misunderstanding?
    Sean H

    1. Thanks for the comments. St Johns Wood had two power stations hence the confusion. Have amended the offending article 🙂

  5. Hey London Blog,
    Some great pictures and write-up on our ‘Flotilla’ Install! Just wondering if you would be able to share your great pictures with us? Events@merchantsquare.co.uk

    Look forward to hearing from you!

    1. Thanks. Yes its okay as long as you link back/acknowledge ALondonBlog as the source of photography.

      1. Hey London Blog,
        Yes ofcourse that is no problem!

        Are you able to send us through the high res?

        Let me know.


        1. Hi you should contact @maidavalenews about this thanks.

  6. Hello , is there any way I can get in touch with you privately please? Thanks a lot, Linda

    1. Hi you should contact @maidavalenews about this via Twitter thanks

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