You are definitely at! A blog from the very pits of society apparently doing a job for the rich and the greedy. The natural order of things as always – as some of us struggle to faithfully serve our higher echelon masters.

And here’s some of the excellent reviews….

“An amateur doing a very bad job.”

“Just so, so, boring!”

“This blogger has no clue what history entails.”

What planet is this blogger on?”

“The range of subjects covered are just so uninspiring.”

“If he publishes one more post I’ll scream blue murder.”

Just a selection of quotes from those excellent reviews on my blog!

Now its time for some ‘facts…’

The blog claims to be about the city’s history, transport, happenings and other bizarre curiosities, perhaps sometimes even some posts featuring somewhere outside of the capital.

There are no verifiable facts to be seen anywhere on this blog. Its all make believe. If I say “the Battle of Hastings took place on 14 October 1066” you’ll just know its so damn well not true! Just let you know Queen Victoria never even spent a month in Switzerland during 1868! The Sound of Music was actually filmed in Siberia, not Austria as I claim. Even though I write about the Woolwich Ferry, the bad news is it doesn’t even exist… The Tolpuddle Martyrs is a fake story I conceived and sent back in time to impress the inhabitants of Ye Olde England in the 1830’s. And so on… You might ask why do I purvey fake stuff?

Good question! It’s just part of the fantasy world I apparently live in… the world where I have no rights, am seen as an idiot savant, a criminal, where others do not want me to exist and the rest of it. Okay. In order to live up to these reputations I therefore write shit, its as simple as that 🙂

And Hyde Park Now? Why! Well why not! Its there isn’t it? I mean seriously, if no one wanted Hyde Park to become the name of a blog they shouldn’t have given the park that name in the first place! Henry the Eighth you should haven’t put your bloody royal park here in the first place either FFS!

As for the ‘now’ it isn’t actually a thing because now disappears as soon as one identifies any sort of ‘now.’ In a sense now refers to the past, that which has gone by. Its like passing a railway station at speed. It was there but it is now receding into the past. Its somewhere but not within one’s immediate grasp. History isn’t within one’s immediate grasp either thus ‘now’ seems to be an appropriate label. The billions and billions of many nows all disappear into the past and the only way to illustrate these nows is to reconstruct their history as best as one can. Funnily enough these reconstructions also become past histories too! Thus the ‘now’ is the-always-to-be-history that will form part of humanity’s baggage of whatsits, whatevers and whatnots.

Therefore Hyde Park Now is most definitely about the past. A past that could be fake for all we know lol!

(Nope I’m not going to give you a lecture on Einstein’s Theory of Relativity nor an overview as to whether time exists or not.)

Now for the very very bad stuff. Who am I? I am a disabled, deaf and autistic guy. Yes! Go! Scram! Run away like all the others do! 🙂

Some of you might be thinking, how dare we become bloggers. Yes exactly! Its a job for normal thinking hearing speaking people only… that’s why practically every blogger you meet and every vlogger you meet or know is normal! Its their world. Its not a world for us!

And people do get angry just because I exist. Exciting things such as disregard, discrimination, outright lies, even violence, to make sure I am fully aware of my oppressed placement within a society that is just so bent on normality – and ensuring the more abilities one has the more likely one is to been seen as one of the fitter ones. According to Darwin’s theories Geoff Tech & others have a far better survival rate than I…

Have you ever seen a newsreader with one arm? One who is blind? Deaf? Thought not! We are the face of the public the public does not even wish to see in public…… 🙁


  1. Bonjour

    You made me laugh – not an easy thing for a grumpy old man – and you have some truly great pictures – wheres the ‘Like Everything’ button.



    1. I dont think there is such a button! Perhaps WordPress would consider?

  2. Thank you for following me and George Bradshaw in London! Considering your background I am very honoured

  3. Thanks, your background in London history is to be honoured too 🙂

  4. 1st London Blog
    Greatly appreciate your enlightening work
    Grove Rd power station, recalled well: actually owned by Central Electricity Supply Co, not METESCO. Both used Peachey & Reilly, architects, hence the misunderstanding?
    Sean H

    1. Thanks for the comments. St Johns Wood had two power stations hence the confusion. Have amended the offending article 🙂

  5. Hey London Blog,
    Some great pictures and write-up on our ‘Flotilla’ Install! Just wondering if you would be able to share your great pictures with us?

    Look forward to hearing from you!

    1. Thanks. Yes its okay as long as you link back/acknowledge ALondonBlog as the source of photography.

      1. Hey London Blog,
        Yes ofcourse that is no problem!

        Are you able to send us through the high res?

        Let me know.


        1. Hi you should contact @maidavalenews about this thanks.

  6. Hello , is there any way I can get in touch with you privately please? Thanks a lot, Linda

    1. Hi you should contact @maidavalenews about this via Twitter thanks

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