London’s Grand Designs

IMG 9835fi - London's Grand Designs

‘London is home to some of the world’s most striking architecture and innovative engineering. Whether driven by divine purpose or the needs of a growing population, architects and engineers have shaped the identity of the city and the lives of Londoners. Starting with Wren’s St Paul’s Cathedral, this exhibition delves into the historical collections at London Metropolitan Archives to present the plans, drawings and photographs that record the development of some of London’s greatest buildings and structures.’

IMG 9835 - London's Grand Designs

London’s Grand Designs – about the buildings.

IMG 9344 - London's Grand Designs

St Paul’s with Euston’s Doric Arch visible behind.

IMG 9406 1024x398 - London's Grand Designs

General view of the exhibition site at Aldgate.

IMG 9359 - London's Grand Designs

The Crystal Palace when it was originally at Hyde Park for the 1851 exhibition.

IMG 9370 - London's Grand Designs

Another view of the section on the Crystal Palace.

IMG 9381 - London's Grand Designs

Tower Bridge – and the Odeon Leicester Square behind.

IMG 9367 - London's Grand Designs

The famous Euston Arch.

IMG 9390 - London's Grand Designs

Thames Barrier.

IMG 9347 - London's Grand Designs

Thames Embankment. Behind is a picture depicting the building of the underground in the 1860s.

IMG 9379 - London's Grand Designs

Tower Bridge – picture taken on its opening day in 1894.

IMG 9393 - London's Grand Designs

General view of the exhibition with St Boltoph’s Aldgate in the background.

IMG 9780 - London's Grand Designs

Brunel’s Thames Tunnel in the 1840s – before it became a railway tunnel.

IMG 9373 - London's Grand Designs

Metropolitan Railway with the famous picture of Baker Street station in 1863.

IMG 9398 - London's Grand Designs

Another general view of the exhibition with the Colosseum and the Euston Arch most prominent. The Colosseum used to be at Regent’s Park.

IMG 9361 - London's Grand Designs

Regent Street – originally part of John Nash’s broad thoroughfare from Piccadilly to Regents park.

IMG 9350 - London's Grand Designs

The Regent’s Canal. John Nash had a hand here too, mainly by way of the houses that were built by the canal at North and South Bank, Park Village East and West.

IMG 9355 - London's Grand Designs

Holborn Viaduct. This important structure has a major anniversary later this year.

IMG 9403 - London's Grand Designs

Another general view.

IMG 9793 - London's Grand Designs

Collage (London Picture Archive) detailed with a London tramway poster as a background.

IMG 9363 - London's Grand Designs

London Metropolitan Archives, who created the exhibition.

London’s Grand Designs: 15 July – 5 August Aldgate Square EC3N 1AF. Nearest tube Aldgate.

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