Daimen Hirst rides London’s Tide!

In the light of attitudes by the Greenwich Peninsula management and their security, I have withdrawn this post and instead replaced with the following text and picture:

Below is a picture of the security who made my most recent visit to The Tide on 8th July 2019 a most miserable one.

thetide1 1024x541 - Daimen Hirst rides London's Tide!

I’ve tried to explain why this is happening in a new post as of today 8th July 2019.

Meanwhile The Tide is officially trash. The Guardian reviewed it this very week the above problems occurred and said:

A tree-scattered, elevated walkway through air vents, The Tide is a textbook piece of artwash and greenwash – more pointless whimsy amid the tortured cityscape of Greenwich Peninsula.

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One Response to “Daimen Hirst rides London’s Tide!

  • They should stress-test it with an elephant for publicity.

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