Westminster’s Winter Windows

DSC 0028fi - Westminster's Winter Windows

The annual Leicester Square Xmas fayre is on from 9th November to 6th January 2019. This year there is a difference and it entails a series of Xmas art by some of the local schools in Westminster. There are 42 or so of these works dotted about the site, however I have chosen twelve of these in the true Xmas tradition.

DSC 0033 - Westminster's Winter Windows

Usually I focus on the shops’ Xmas decorations but as I am leaving Selfridges out this year, we start instead with these from Leicester Square! The fayre itself is nice and somehow seems more colourful and interesting this year than usual. The introduction of a Czech bar is clearly a new addition and probably an attempt to make it more attractive to a wider audience. In previous years there has been a few rides, this year there are none thus it seems the Leicester Square Xmas scene is taking a new direction.

DSC 0028 - Westminster's Winter Windows

DSC 0030 - Westminster's Winter Windows
Many of the artworks by local schools can be seen on the west and north sides of the square. Others are dotted about inside the square itself.

I chose twelve of the artworks for this presentation and here they are. Lots of lovely ideas and loads of fantastic colours.

DSC 0014 - Westminster's Winter Windows
A traditional Christmas greeting.

DSC 0069 - Westminster's Winter Windows
The First Noel. Another traditional Xmas art work.

DSC 0009 - Westminster's Winter Windows
The Twelve Days of Christmas.

DSC 0024 - Westminster's Winter Windows
Dashing through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh… Jingle Bells, one of Xmas’ most popular carols.

DSC 0019 - Westminster's Winter Windows
A nice, abstract artwork conveying the idea of Xmas, reindeer and music.

DSC 0013 - Westminster's Winter Windows
Another traditional Xmas scene. The shepherds, the animals and a baby Jesus. Nicely done!

DSC 0006 - Westminster's Winter Windows
Another interpretation, this time a quiet, simple version of the traditional Xmas message.

Here’s where things change a bit. Some rather more modern views of Xmas as seen by the pupils of Westminster’s schools…

DSC 0041 - Westminster's Winter Windows
Abstract presentation of Xmas nevertheless a good one.

DSC 0012 - Westminster's Winter Windows
The traditional Twelve Days of Xmas – with modern additions such as money and Lamborghinis!

DSC 0008 - Westminster's Winter Windows
I like this! Tower Bridge as a backdrop to Santa’s arrival!

DSC 0004 - Westminster's Winter Windows
Love how the London Eye is presented as a Christmas pudding wheel 🙂

DSC 0005 - Westminster's Winter Windows
Another cute attempt. And its simple! Merry Christmas to you all!

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