Fire Garden at the Tate Modern

IMG 8419 - Fire Garden at the Tate Modern

Fire Garden by Compagnie Carabosse turned the front of Tate Modern into a “crackling and spitting, after-dark adventure”.
It was a fantastic experience to wander among burning metal sculptures, candles, spinning hearths, and flickering flowerpots. I really enjoyed the spectacle. St. Paul’s Cathedral with its burning dome and IK Joong Kang’s Floating Dreams down on the river provided a splendid backdrop. There was a band playing live music.
I have here a few of the pictures I took at the event which was part of the 350 anniversary celebrations of the Great Fire of London. I was experimenting with getting far higher resolution images from an old DSLR so perhaps the colour rendition of the images is not quite correct.
Here’s a full news report on Compagnie Carabosse’s work at the Tate.
Tonight is of course the finale in the 1666 celebrations. The burning of the 140m scale model of 17th Century London will be the highlight.

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