Ongar revisited

Image5 - Ongar revisited

Image7 - Ongar revisited
In 1989 London Regional Transport announced the return of a full weekday and weekend service to Ongar. It began on 30th October of that year, and huge banners were strung along the fencing in Ongar High Street to declare the new services.
I took these pictures four years earlier.
Image5 - Ongar revisited
1962 stock at Ongar during February 1985
Ongar had a Great Eastern signal box as my picture below shows. It was taken out of use on March 23rd 1969. Control of the station’s starting signal was transferred to North Weald. Ultimately when the loop there closed it was handed to Epping.
Image6 - Ongar revisited
The sign at Ongar declaring the closure of Blake Hall station (closed 1981) was a prominent feature at the time but didnt last very long, neither did the signal box! The Epping-Ongar railway now has a replacement signal box similar to the old one.
Despite the introduction of new ticket machines in 1992 and a complete tidying up of the station area to make servcies more attractive, it was very underused and soon reverted to peak hours only until 1994 when it was finally withdrawn.
Below is a picture of the end of the line, quite overgrown, in 1989.
Image3 - Ongar revisited
The station entrance’s tube roundel which stood adjacent to Ongar’s High Street must have been one of the furthest in all of the Tube’s empire!
The Central Line’s 1992 tube stock actually visited Ongar before the connections at Epping were finally truncated. Here’s one view of 1992 stock at the Essex terminus, and another.
For a bonus here’s the 1992 stock passing Blake Hall.
Hopefully some more of my pictures of the Ongar service will be published sometime 🙂

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