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People often steal others websites or context and pass it off as their own. Photography is no stranger to this. A fellow photography blog at Tumblr, Photo Stealers, details those websites that are genuine and those that are copies or clones.
Its interesting to see how many think they can just take another’s website and pass it off as their own. Sadly it seems professional photographers are not exempt from this kind of thing. Photo Stealers shows many photography websites that have copied context or design from other professional photographers.
As Photo Stealers shows, a number of UK photographers have a habit of copying others’ websites! Take the following example. The first is the original and the second is the replicant:
The original
The copy
The difference? The colours of the copycat site were simply altered. Otherwise everything else was exactly the same as the original. The css style sheets were simply tweaked in an attempt to make the copycat site look different.

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